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Friday, October 29, 2010

New book: "Destruction of America", J. Foster

Bob: America has gone through many disasters beginning with the civil war moreover, in the end survived and came on top. To day we have a different disaster namely American wealth has been destroyed to the tune of six trillion, a Government that has outgrown beyond the affordable means of the American people. The dollar is being debased, however that does not concern me, since in the history of humankind politicians in every country has debased their currency and for this reason, we have said good bye to the McDonald hamburger that was sold for 99 cents. My problem is with both political parties, here is what I will be telling the American people when I begin to promote my new book, "DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA", a grass roots movement to promote the concept of outlawing lobbying, support any candidate that will run on that agenda alone, once you outlaw Lobbying you will restore an American Government that will be for and by the people and not a Government that caters to special interest. Did you know that even China has a lobbying group in Washington and many foreign countries including Israel that receives each year in excess of $4 billion in aid? I am surprised that the terrorist group has not established a lobbying group in Washington. I believe Pakistan is about to be funded $2 billion has a lobby group. The lobbyist pays both political parties. - J. Foster

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Business is Bleak: Correction around the Corner?

Joe: regarding business, the US situation looks very bleak. As you know I maintain that China is overrated and it will have its own correction, probably a political transformation from an internal resistance/rebellion so in this sense there is hope for the US with a competitor in turmoil or at least weakened. Also, you may know Alexis de Tocqueville said that democracy is a self-correcting political system that can usually fix its own flaws, with enough time and enough political pressure. Well, we are in the midst of the socialist experiment & big government its been going on for a long time before Obama. Hopefully the self-correction that takes place next week is a real, authentic correction to big socialist government. We need to change course. Hopefully things will begin to get better for business and the country after next week's elections... - Bob