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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Election Results: Is gridlock good?

Bob:  The election result is a no win for the American people, it has assured the American people that from now until the next election in the year 2012 that the US government will remain gridlocked and unable to make any major changes to turn America around, a Government that will  not have the power to make painful changes needed, such changes are taking place now in the UK, the UK Government is not mired with special interest group, or does it functions with the influence of special interest group as the case of America, moreover the UK military Industrial complex lacks the power to influence the UK Government.

The American military industrial complex under the Bush administration attempted to revive the cold war, such attempt has failed since the Europeans did not give America support to create
confrontation with Russia.

California has been declared by many financial gurus that it is bankrupt, the result of the 2010 election as to California has made that Bankruptcy a certainty. For those that believe that Obama will be a one term President they are 100% wrong, Obama will win the Presidency in the year 2012.

Here are some sketchy reasons the country will be mired with recession, housing will never recover, and unemployment will remain high, Obama will now turn his guns on the majority Republican house as the cause, which is incorrect.

On the ballot there will be Obama and some white Presidential hopeful name, Afro Americans will ignore the major issues, they will see a white man trying to unseat a black man, and it will remind them that in their history it was the white man that enslaved them, it was the white man that prevented them from using the front door of a Hotel, or being seated in the front seat of a bus, although Johnson has made changes, that bad memory will remain in their mind,  and for this reason Obama will get 99% of the black votes, also the majority of the Hispanic voters, these two races are the majority of the American poor, such massive support by these group will tilt the election in favor of Obama, as to the House or Senate I am not able to make any prediction on the outcome.

There remains one hope that when Obama term of office ends in the year 2016. Perhaps a new charismatic leader of the likes of Hitler, Lenin, Churchill, Thatcher, FDR, or LBJ may appear on the scene, that when he speaks the American people will listen, as they listened to Christ or Mohammed since these individuals has a God given power to sway the masses. In the meantime, I am heading for Florida as my new home on December 9, 2010 my quest will be to find a home that will be similar to a military fortress, and have sufficient ammo to repel would be gun blazing criminals. I have consulted my grandson who has served two years in Iraq and two years in Afghan as to the type of Ammo I need for the security of myself and family. – Joe

Joe: we had no gridlock before this election, the democrats could do whatever they wanted and they did not bring down unemployment or expand the economy. No gridlock = California. California is essentially bankrupt because they had no gridlock just about everything the democrats wanted they got that is why we are in such a mess. In this election California did not change, they did not go along with the wave. We need gridlock in California to stop the crazy out of control spending that was far beyond the rate of population growth and rate of inflation. I know we need real solutions in California and the federal government but if we cannot reach compromise and good solutions then I will take and indeed prefer gridlock over uncontrolled spending. - Bob

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