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Monday, November 1, 2010

BP Toxic Oil vs. US Toxic Debt/Mortgages

Bob:   Here is my take on the BP Disaster; Obama is playing POLITICAL GAMES. I wonder what he is hiding, under the smokescreen he is creating around the Gulf Oil Spill. YES, BP is in partnership with a number of other oil companies and together they accidentally created a TOXIC oil spill, of huge proportions.

However, the TOXIC DEBT that so recently caused the world’s huge financial problems and indeed is still causing massive damage was a DELIBERATE CREATION of AMERICAN BANKS. The financial instruments of mass destruction, Made in America, neatly packaged up and sent out to the world. Did the Americans apologize for this? Did the Americans offer reparation (money) to those who have lost money/business/their lives? Back in the 1980, an American North Sea Oil Rig accident caused 60 or more oil workers to lose their lives.

An American chemical company Union Carbide caused massive loss of life in Bhopal India this was more than an accident, poor maintenance to save costs and maximize profit led to the accident. Just recently, some of the American personnel responsible were convicted and sentenced to 2 years. The Company was fined about 330 million. Thousands died, many more are dying and the area is a TOXIC WASTELAND.
OBAMA needs to consider these facts and the generous offer to pay for damage made by BP and stop grandstanding. He is the worst type of President, lacking good and fair judgment is scary for a man holding such Office.

Obama has created a health care for Americans, when I ask some Americans to explain how it works, I found none could explain it, in my opinion it is an insurance con job, that in time the smart mind in the insurance Industry will find a way to milk the US government  billions for the polices that they will be selling to the poor that the government will be paying for the premium. - Joe

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