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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Britan Cutting Government Costs

Bob:  Greetings. It is reported in the British press that one of Britain largest police forces will shrink by 3000 police officers, also many civilian employees of the police agency will be made redundant. The conservative culture is spreading across Britain since the taxpayers can no longer afford a blotted and ever growing Government. Yes, democracy is working in Britain since special interest group does not control the government, cuts in defence is also being made. The prior regime issued thousands of government employees mobile telephones at government expense, Cameron found out it cost the government $1.6 billion dollars annually, he cut that cost by over one billion and only key government employees are issued with government paid mobile telephone. Cameron is creating a friendly environment for business and eliminating as many red tape that stand in their way.

It is my belief that the Euro and the dollar will continue to be defaced and in time the British pound will be back on safe ground. Right now I favour two currencies the British pound and the Chinese currency

The problem with the Euro there are many countries part of the EURO such as Spain, Greece and some others that do not practice sound fiscal responsibility. For my American readers once you outlaw lobbyist activity in Washington, America will begin to mend itself. – Joe

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