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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Chinese Colony of America?

Bob:  there is no hope for the American worker or middle class, both political parties have sold the American voters, they just love the mega buck that they are making in China, perhaps one day these morons will sell the entire USA and make America a COLONY OF China.

American labor organization is reporting massive exodus of American companies to China. I have a report written by a very incensed American that has written a well documented article showing you evidence of America slipping into becoming a third world country, roads are being neglected and not repaired due to lack of funds, yet there is always money available for useless wars that feeds the military Industrial complex.

Obama and the Republican leadership are all and one the same, no difference. I am fired up and angry that if I were born in the USA and young I will go into politics and shoot for the highest office namely the President. I get sick and tired when any one of the politicians that has won the election he utters the word that the people have won, the people have lost, it is this moron that has won and the people have lost. - Joe
Joe:  I share your worry about the US but I do have hope, that American characteristic. The money for infrastructure throughout the country is being diverted from the car tax, the gas tax, etc. – these are taxes collected specifically for infrastructure but being diverted to social welfare programs and the bureaucracy is inefficiently spending these funds. The US is not a third world country and is not in danger of becoming one. We can get back on track with good policy.

In regard to China, I’m in the minority of course but I think there is far more corruption, embezzlement, racketeering, drug use, and political instability than people are willing to investigate and report. In terms of economic performance I think China is far overrated, I sincerely believe the communist government reports good figures and favorable statistics under the penalty of imprisonment, confiscation, and maybe even death, particularly for political deviation off the communist government road. - Bob

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