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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

''Destruction of America'' - second editing complete!

Bob:  I feel compassion and am troubled about the bad news and how it is wrecking the lives of many Americans that are unemployed, I just read a sad story about many Americans cannot afford heating cost this winter,  and some sad stories that keep popping out by writers that are involved in economics, investment etc.

One report label Obama ignorant when he is dreaming that the US with increase in export that it will cure the US unemployment this guy and Berneke have been labeled by Jim Rogers as ignorant, beside Jim a billionaire he is also  a Princeton graduate in Economics. The de-industrialization of America has gone too far and it is not easy to reverse, unless all of a sudden a draconian approach is used whereby from here on Americans shall be offered goods made in America only.

NEWS ON BOOK:  Second editing which the book has gone through has finality been completed, it took 5 months and with the next three days it will go into production first book design, size, front and back cover, hopefully end of December or beginning of January 2011 upon release I will then begin to promote the book, the subject matter of the ''Destruction of America'' is more in focus now than it was when I began to write the book

Bob the PAKI AND SOME COUNTRIES ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE US ON THIS ISSUE. I am mad as hell that we shall be giving Paki $2 billion of US taxpayers money for a useless no win war. - Joe

Joe: good news on the book, congratulations! You mentioned the would “cure”. California has given itself the illness. Currently, California is loaning $40M a day to pay for unemployment compensation – loaning $40M a day and why? Because the former governor, Gray Davis a democrat, changed the system in 2001 where the benefit or pay out doubled while the payment in by the employer and the individual remained the same! The Caifornia State University system is considering raising tuition by 8% on top of the 32% increase this year! And why? For college employee retirement benefits of course – outrageous! No one is managing these systems in a rational way. A true shame. - Bob

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