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Monday, November 22, 2010

Does Tyranny Have Positive Factors?

Bob: Western countries quite often condemn the rule of tyranny and do not go into the trouble in finding out in some instances why such leaders of the like of Lenin or Chairman Mao became the absolute ruler of their country. One of the major reason is the die heart poverty and hunger where the people give such leaders power, for these leaders  promised them bread or rice on the table, Hitler to some extent did the same for the German people. I agree with the writer that Chairman Mao’s harsh rule, moreover demand, that the population be educated has transformed China where the poor died on the side walk in the past,  into a major Industrial country, moreover the new leadership is not mired by Western style democracy that at present is not working in the United States.   Yes, his example of India brings into mind my knowledge of that country where  poverty and hunger goes unnoticed, where there is no control of the population growth, that excessive growth feeds the world with constant supply of cheap labor, that cheap labor today is a threat to Western workers standard of living. As a westerner with a monthly income of $2,000.00 and living in India he could afford to hire a chauffeur, a cook and a house boy for a total monthly cost for labour in the amount of $600.00 per month.

Author Unknown…Chairman Mao brought in the "One child a family" policy, although I am right wing I always put him top of the list in saying communist countries can make things work with the right person at the helm, Had it not been for that "very strict law coming in the Chinese would have literally been standing on each other’s head, His way has "definitely " worked a lot better than democracy has for India, the "largest democracy in the world", (With dire poverty with over breeding), yes it was tough, lots died etc. but hasn't China come out well, the poor of China have a lot better living than their Indian counterparts, I was watching a program which included "Samsung Electronic Factory"( we all have heard of that one), some long service workers were getting $20,000 a year salary, "all" were well paid, buses pick the workers up from home, they get a "serve yourself" meal before work in a 5 star canteen, they have all sorts of activities and sport for their free time which includes their families, this is an American idea and it works brilliantly, I know, as a young man I worked at a factory like that, it was brilliant, Nissan UK have the same sort of idea but on a smaller scale, I've always had a soft spot for the Chinese people, and haven't they done Britain proud, very rarely will you  see a Chinese in the news, if ever, haven’t they been great, they have worked hard, kept themselves to themselves and never slighted this country in any way, bless them, if only I had a magic wand, can you guess what I would do. Nevertheless, as you know, I am a poor British Peasant with his tongue removed so I will leave you to guess.  Joe

Joe: I suppose there are those that imagine a benevolent dictator as beneficial. I think it is dangerously naive, the poor British peasant should be familiar with Lord Acton, "absolute power corrupts absolutely". Western countries given over to tyranny will rule the world and it woukldn't be a good world or a free world for a very long period of time. These ideas are abhorent to me, it is flirtation with death - of milions and millions, and for what a better country? These ideas and flirtation lead to mas progroms and campaigns of death on ethnic groups, the haves and of course on the intellectuals. This is a dangerous game of flirtation for anyone in a position of power. - Bob

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