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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Globalization of Western Worker's Housing

Bob:  I've heard some cashiers at Wal-Mart and other stores will keeps and skim cash from the receipt and not return it to the customer. The department stores are not involved, it is done by an employee to defraud the customer.

They say in Arabic America is RABA when it comes to crooks, the crooked bankers robbed many bankers around the world and the sad part of it all the government had to bail them out, and many walked away with millions when they should be in jail. For those that do not understand RABA it means those that have attained the highest rank as first class fraudsters.

Many American bankers have been found in Europe to be involved in shady deals moreover, when investigated by the government they pay heavy fines and settle out of court. I know the names of these Bankers but will refrain from giving out the name in case of lawsuits. America has lost its prestige that it once held all over the world.

Many Europeans and American members of the public are labeling the US and Western European governments as criminals, they are saying that these governments support business and industries in their quest in obtaining cheap labor abroad. Capitalism is now all out to met its revenge on these workers that they consider being over paid for decades, and decades,  how dare do these workers live in two bath room homes and drive a car when they should be riding a bike. Workers that vote are ignorant of the fact that both political parties support low wages for business and Industry.

The capitalist although I am one of them believe how dare is a worker entitled to eat in good restaurants and live in a decent home.  In the UK a worker is labeled as a working class person this does not apply to high management personnel or professionals such as lawyers, doctors etc. As  a person labeled in the UK a working class he should remain as such and may not try to elevate himself to the upper class, for the upper class  do not want to see these working class folks next to them in a restaurant at Fortnam and Mason or Harrods or Simpson in London. The UK government report that we have approximately four million migrate workers in the UK from Eastern Europe and other countries seeking employment and higher wages. Some analyst report the number may be as high as six million. I tend to agree with the analyst estimate

Here is how the future low paid workers are housed, please take note that this trend may spread to America in 20 years or sooner from now; If you have a four or five-bedroom house to rent in the UK you will receive within one-week twenty applications from renters seeking to rent your house,  In the UK, real estate agents are called estate agents, some will guarantee to rent your house within two weeks or pay you $600.00  Their manners and method of business are similar to an American real estate agent. They do not wear blue suede shoes just the regular kind.

Even though we are 600,000 short in housing they never refer to the single family home in the UK as an endangered species that was once described by American blue suede shoes sales men in California. The following information was not known to me until I decided to rent my house and move to Florida.

Here is what has happened a polish couple that may pass with good reference will rent my house for $1400.00 per month this price varies depending on how close you are to London, if you are 40 miles from London the rent will be $3500,00 or more per month,  mine is in Corby 80 miles from London The couple then occupy the master bedroom and sublet each of the remaining bedrooms, to four renters; each paying $300.00 per month or more,  she will then be referred to as the  landlady and  I will be referred to as the landlord Although I do not hold the rank of Lord, however if you have mega bucks you could by heavy amount of political contribution to the politician be knighted and then referred to as Sir in my case it will be Sir Foster.

The landlady pays me $1400, 00 each month her income from room rentals is $1200.00 her housing cost comes to $200, 00 per month, she then must pay the property tax which in the UK is no longer paid by the landlord since the obligation is now shifted to the tenant, the landlady monthly property tax is $100, 00 utilities $100.00 per month. The Landlady total housing cost is around $400.00 per month, perhaps since the dining room is separate room,  she may rent that dining room as a bedroom that will give her an additional income of $400, 00 If that is done the landlady will now live free of housing cost. Now you may ask why $400,00 for the dining room because it  is on the ground floor, has two large glass framed doors that opens to the Garden. The landlady of my house depending on how smart she is may end up living rent-free; she may tag to the rent of her tenants a small fee for heating. As to toilets no problem I have three to meet the needs of the sub tenants.

The living room will not be sublet the kitchen will be used by all of the tenants in the house. Since the living room is large the Landlady may make it living room dining room as one. Now some smart polish entrepreneurs are looking to rent as many houses with more bedrooms as possible and operate a housing business for the low paid workers. They are not interested in three bedroom houses. As to the Poles my Apsley Condos are rented to Poles and I find them to as clean as the Germans.

Does Obama or Cameron or McCain or Palin worry about the workers why should they when the funding for their election comes mostly from the mega buck boys that operate big business, these mega buck boys are fed up in paying higher wages that eats into their profit.  Since the politicians have refused to reinstate slavery, the mega buck boys have no option but to seek workers that will accept as little as $35, 00 per month in Bangladesh. Right now the biggest supporters of India and China are the Western world mega buck boys and politicians.

Now some of you ignorant about the housing business in the US will say it will never happen in the US since we have more housing than Europe. I was in the housing business in California for over 15 years here is what happened to one of my apartment building I owned in Glendale, when I bought the building it was all occupied by Anglo Saxon Americans, later on the neighborhood disoriented and the whites began to move out, to be replaced by poor Hispanic Americans, a couple will rent a one bedroom apartment and sublet sleeping room only to ten Hispanic, my maintenance and operating cost got higher I then decided at the right time to sell the building. When you see across the US in many cities were day workers congregate  To be picked up by employers for one day work, you may wonder where and how do they live as to their housing needs, those that a considered slightly better off will rent a single room as their home, the extreme poor will rent floor sleeping place where in the living room of an apartment over 20 will sleep and leave early in the morning to seek day work, he pays the renter of the apartment in advance each day for a one night sleep.

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