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Monday, November 1, 2010

Iran: the Obama approach

Bob:   regarding Iran… Obama is all talk, he has no balls for a man who won the election he has decided to lick McCain’s ass since winning, this is what disappoints me about this person. Obama is losing respect amongst major countries of the world. He will apply sanction on Iran and Iran will bypass US sanctions. They have recently signed a deal to supply China oil and gas. The world has changed the US no longer dominates the financial world as it once did.

Obama will not get any other country support, if he decides to attack Iran the only support he will get is that of Israel his accomplice. Obama is losing support among American voters, he promised change thus far none as to wars, none as to American jobs being exported to low labour cost countries, no change more of the same. His administration keeps blaming the high unemployment due to the recession; although a factor, it is not the main cause. Ask you are self as an American or European executive, if you could hire an educated Indian worker with a degree at $300.00 per month, why would you hire a Brit or American at $2000 per month. Did you know 90% of UK customer service employees have been fired; and company after company has set up shop in India.

In some property businesses I know very well, all of the workers I hired to perform a major remodeling of some condos are Polish, they work for half the price of a British worker and take fewer tea breaks. This London condo remodel would cost $40,000 by British workers, the job was done for $20,000 by the Polish. All marble bathroom using blue coral marble from India, kitchen granite, furniture of the highest quality, the young financial tenants love it, moreover, are willing to pay high rents.

Did you know that besides myself that loves Polish workers British fat cats bosses also loves them, and those fat cats like the US control the Government.

Have you by now realized that Washington caters to the need of American fat cats that love to live in 10 Bathrooms homes? However, the European fat cats unlike their American fat cats accept six baths homes. These fat cats will only eat the best steaks produced in America. The Chinese is window dressing the west they have great minds they are producing more PhD’s than the west.

Many Chinese Americans born in America and highly educated in America are returning to their home of National origin, some hold PhDs, in various educational discipline, business, medicine, science etc. When they return the Chinese government extends a big welcome to their loved nationals that has contributed to America, this time they tell them devote your talent to your home of national origin. They also tell them teach us how we could defeat the West economically. - Joe

Joe: I agree with you assessment of Obama - he really is a joke and McCain would have been better. But I did not vote for McCain because he would not close the border and he is really a so called RINO (republican in name only) because of this issue and others although recently he has taken a turn to the right.

In the US, if your income is low you can get free cheese and other agricultural based products. But this is in part due to the massive subsidies the large US farming conglomerates receive from the US government.

One last note - did you know the US government is now pushing a policy to for illegal (undocumented) workers to report being underpaid? The US government is now willing to prosecute US business and ignore the fact that a person is here illegally. - Bob

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