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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Korea: Disaster on the Brink -and Cannabalism

Dear Bob & Readers:
Comments by Joseph Foster ''Author of a book not yet published, ''Destruction of America'' the book does not relate to the Korean conflict.
The Article below titled, “11 Reasons Why North Korea is The Most Bizarre Nation on Earth,” it depicts a frightening scenario if War is trigged. The best option for the US and South Korea is to use the role of appeasement, this word to some non-level heads is offensive, it reminds them of Chamberlain’s appeasement with Hitler, but that appeasement cannot be compared in the context of North Korea.
The military exercise by the US and South Korea does not diminish the danger of War, it increases the possibility that North Korea headed by a tyrant somewhat mad, with his nuclear capability may gamble the lives of his people in a horrific death scenario, moreover he may also unleash his Nuke on the population of South Korea when it all ends there will be no winner in such a war. The winning formula is the utmost restraint by the US and South Korea to allow time for the tyrant to die, and his successor may begin to see that the world of communism has been diminished. We still have some politicians and members of our military leadership that believes since our firepower exceeds that of North Korea, we shall not appease anyone but be ready to use it, but one must remember that cool heads always prevail, our outrage of 9/11 and the action we took remains haunting us to this day. As to the concept of heroes the cemetery is full of such persons, my concept of hero is buy time and allow the heroes to continue to live. –Joe

Joe: while at first seeing this list you think- North Korea of course "you so crazy" but look a little deeper at my comments. North Korea is not "crazy" it is a desperate leadership that is just as tyranical as the European monarchies of the past and just as crazy as modern commuinst nations. A much better list could be written. On the whole this list is just not persuasive. -Bob

Is the United States about to go to war with the most bizarre nation on earth? A lot of Americans would actually welcome “the Korean War Part 2″, but before people get too excited it is important to keep in mind that we have never been at war with a nation that actually possesses nuclear weapons. At this point it is unclear exactly how powerful North Korea’s nuclear weapons are, but nearly everyone does agree that they are crazy enough to use them. North Korea reportedly has thousands of missile batteries that are capable to hitting the 10 million people that live in Seoul. The death and devastation that an all-out strike on Seoul could potentially cause is almost unimaginable. In fact, the 24.5 million people living either in or around Seoul make it the second largest metropolitan area in the world. The next conflict on the Korean peninsula will be extremely bloody. Nobody should be wishing for that.
Unfortunately, the next Korean war seems closer than ever. Tensions on the peninsula are at a record high. Today, North Korea has one of the largest armies in the world. Some reports claim that they have over 1 million soldiers on active duty. But South Korea is highly militarized as well, and there are 28,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea that the North Koreans would have to contend with.
Right now the rest of the world is getting quite nervous, because a war between nuclear powers could get out of hand very quickly. If North Korea hits South Korea with nuclear weapons, it seems almost certain that the U.S. would hit North Korea with nukes. The death and destruction that would result would be unprecedented.
So what does China think about all of this? Well, North Korea would not be acting so belligerent right now if they did not have permission from China. Perhaps China is trying to send a message to the West.
On the other hand, there are others that believe that it could go a lot deeper than that. The regime in North Korea is on the verge of collapsing in on itself. Even the Chinese are getting tired of propping up their government and dealing with their nonsense. The truth is that a new Korean war could benefit the Chinese in several ways.
First of all, South Korea (the biggest U.S. ally in the region) would be absolutely devastated even if they “won” the war. That would cripple an incredibly important geopolitical chess piece.
Secondly, the U.S. would be embroiled in yet another costly conflict and would undoubtedly suffer some costly losses as well. The opinion of the rest of the world toward the United States would darken even more – especially if nuclear weapons were used.
Thirdly, China could gain a ton of “leverage” by stabbing North Korea in the back after the conflict had started. In return for supporting the U.S./South Korean coalition, China could ask for all kinds of things that they wouldn't even dream of getting right now. In fact, it is not unthinkable to imagine China walking away with a significant chunk of North Korea in the aftermath of the war. The Chinese government is regularly involved in “border disputes” (just Google it), and China would never pass up a chance to pick up a big slice of new territory.
In the end, the “winner” of any new war on the Korean peninsula would probably be China. The U.S. would get rid of the “North Korean problem”, but it would come at a great cost. It is hard to imagine any scenario that would end up greatly benefiting the United States.
Let us hope that a new all-out Korean war does not erupt. North Korea is ruled by delusional leaders who are insane enough to actually use nuclear weapons. If you doubt this, just consider the following 11 facts….

Bob's Notes: see my comments in parenthesis, I tried to verify these "facts" via internet. -Bob
#1 The first “Great Leader” of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung, is deeply revered in North Korea. In fact, there are over 500 statues of Kim Il-sung scattered throughout the country. (easily found all over the internet: Wikipedia, etc.)
#1A Many Koreans apparently believe that Kim Il-Sung actually created the world. (this may be an exageration:  see Wikipedia Discussion)
#2 It is said that hanging up pictures of Kim Il-Sung is compulsory for every household in North Korea. (Yes, according to: North Korean
#3 Millions of North Korean citizens have literally starved to death over the past 10 years. (2.8M according to BBC article)
#4 The North Korean constitution actually guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Yes, see UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
#5 North Korea resorts to cannibalism, "quite common". (Yes, see Defectors Haunted by Guilt Over the Loved Ones Left Behind, Doug Struck Oct. 2003)#6 In 1987, North Korea began construction on the Ryugyong Hotel, which would have been the tallest hotel in the world if it had been finished on schedule in 1989.  (this is not "Bizarre" there are plenty of stupid unfinished & finished projects in the U.S., Europe, Asia, see Hotel of Doom website)
#7 One of North Korea’s greatest “tourist attractions” is the Pueblo – a U.S. naval vessel that the North Koreans captured from “the imperialist Americans” back in 1968. (this is true but it is not "bizzare" as promised - displaying a captured enemy... not bizarre, see the Don Parish website)
#8 According to North Korean media, Kim Jong-il is a phenom at just about everything. It is claimed that he shot 38 under par (including 11 holes-in-one) the first time he ever played golf. (Yes - see World Tribune article Jun. 2004)
#9 Christians are slaughtered in some of the most brutal ways imaginable in North Korea.  (likely see United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.)#10 A few years ago when China was sending humanitarian aid into North Korea the North Koreans decided that they would just start keeping the trains as well. The Chinese crews were sent back over the border on foot. (maybe, see
#11 A song entitled “No Motherland Without You” was written specifically for Kim Jong-il and is one of the most popular songs in North Korea. It is regularly sung by the North Korean military. (Yes, this is true but is it bizzare? Kowing the personality cult in place (#2 above) -yes however all nations have wacky nationalistic songs, see YouTube, a Facebook Page & Songun Blog

Are you convinced yet? The truth is that North Korea is very, very dangerous and they should not be underestimated. Let us hope that the United States never has to fight another war with them.

Bob's comments: while at first seeing this list you think- North Korea of course "you so crazy" but look a little deeper at my comments. North Korea is not crazy, it is a desperate leadership that is as tyranical as European monarchies of the past, and just as crazy as modern commuinst nations. A much better list could be written. On the whole this list is just not persuasive by itself.  -Bob

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