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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Obama Visits Gandhi Memorial

Bob:  Greetings! President Obama and his wife, Michelle, visited a museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, such a visit has a significant meaning to Obama for he sees in this, great man his struggle to free his people from discrimination. Ghandi struggle did not begin with freeing India from Colonial rule it began in South Africa where he attacked discrimination of Indians and black people.

As a black man Obama shall never forget, nor shall his race ever forget the in justice done upon people of dark skin by white people. You may ask why Obama paid such a visit when other western leaders did not Visit Ghandi memorial, the western visitor prior to Obama was UK Prime Minister Cameron that assembled the largest British trade delegation for his India visit. Obama knows that Martin Luther King visited the Ghandi memorial. For it was Ghandi that began to oppose discrimination as an act of evil, his protest began as a young Lawyer living in South Africa where he experienced discrimination, On one occasion he was traveling on a train in South Africa in the first class carriage, moreover, held a first class train ticket, because he was of dark skin he was ejected from the carriage, since that carriage is for whites only...

Gandhi found himself treated as a member of an inferior race in South Africa; He was appalled at the widespread denial of civil liberties and political rights to Indian immigrants in South Africa. He threw himself into the struggle for elementary rights for Indians Gandhi remained in South Africa for twenty years, suffering imprisonment many times. In 1896, after being attacked and humiliated by white South Africans, Gandhi began to teach a policy of passive resistance to, and non-cooperation with, white South Africans, Ghandi struggle became of great interest to Afro Americans whom are also being discriminated,  and humiliated and treated as an inferior race, and  were not even allowed to enter a Hotel through the front entrance, as to this author I remember when many years ago prior to the passage of the civil right Law that was signed by LBJ during my travel in the south I would see signs at many Restaurants that read white only.

As a white person born in Ghana formerly known as the Gold Coast a British colony, I recall during my youth certain tract of Land within a city or town is reserved for the construction of homes to be occupied by whites only, their servants were permitted to reside in the home, but are required to wear white uniforms and may wear their native clothing when they are given a day off to leave the area to visit their relatives. These servants refer to their employer as my master, the male adult employee that works in the house serving food or house cleaning are referred to as house boys, regardless of their age, the person employed to cook is referred to as cook. In colonial Africa Law permitted white masters to punish their servants by whipping them, this was not a common practice by white decent folks. Natives in any colony may immigrate to other British colonies, therefore Many Indians from India immigrated to Ghana and established small business mostly retail stores, these Indians were referred to as colored and are prevented to live in area designed for white only, also they are not allowed membership in clubs reserved for white only.

As to Obama he is not 100 percent of black race since his mother is white and is considered of mixed race, however during colonial period he will also be discriminated. Now the question is how Obama was elected as President of the United States, Here are one thoughts he got elected by the fact that the Americans were faced with limited choice, vote for Hilary and you are reelecting the former President Clinton, vote for McCain and you are electing a similar person as George Bush that has lead America into two disastrous wars and has left the US with a massive debt. Obama main theme was change and Americans were anxious for change. Moreover, black Americans gave Obama 99% of their votes for they see for the first time in their history of oppression that Obama as a black man will identify with them the oppression they have suffered under whites.

When Obama runs for a second term his opponent will be white and at that point, black voters regardless of the political issue at hand will in no way want to see a white person defeat Obama, and for this reason they will make sure that every living black including blacks that are sick will make every effort to go the pole, The Hispanics are also victim of discrimination and they will by a large number cast their votes for Obama.

After Obama has completed his second term, it is unlikely in this century that America may elect another black person. By the beginning of the  Second century or sooner, white supremacy will come to end and a new era  For colored people will begin, these are the people that have now evolved by education to start the next Industrial revolution which was born in 1980. History will prove my statement to be correct since prior to Europeans Advancement, other civilization from the East were in the forefront of civilization and advancement.

Well folks we are witnessing the greatest changes taking place in the world, Now Western leaders first by Cameron, now  followed by Obama cultivating friendship with India a rising star in the world scene, for they are now telling India buy more of our goods produced in my country so as we may create more employment for our people. Westerns can no longer ignore China or India for they see two countries in excess of 2.5 billion people and these countries are fast rising to make their mark in our changing world. As a reminder if you are black, or Chinese or Hispanic or a person of whatever race that has dark skin,  you have been treated in the past as inferior, however that era has come to an end for whatever your color or creed you are superior as any other human being. Discrimination is an act of evil we are all God creatures. - Joe

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