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Monday, November 15, 2010

Promoting Blog & Book: some ideas

Joe: blog promotion ideas from a blogger. - Bob
Promoting your Blogs through Social Media
Use Digg, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Plurk, Entrecard, Mybloglog, and many more.
Promoting your Blog by commenting on other's blogs
Comment on those blogs that reward you. Make useful comments and that blog’s reader will come to your blog. This is the best technique.
StumbleuponIt is a very good tool to get a lot of exposure, especially for contests and others, but it won’t convert to a lot of regular readers. Learn from my mistake and don’t overdo your own site. Let others stumble it for you it's a keeper for special events and contests.
Digg – Digg is definitely a keeper. Why? Well because you can Digg your own new story if you think other people will be interested in it. Don’t Digg all posts, it’s very good to promote your blog but don’t abuse it just use it.
Entrecard – Entrecard was a big hype when I joined it but it didn’t quite work out for me in a long run. You would have to spend that 30 minute constantly to drop cards otherwise you won’t get drop. So this was more like a traffic exchange system. Use it in the beginning. But don’t make it a habit because at some point it’s not worth the time.
MyBlogLog – A service from yahoo that displays your recent readers on your blog. Once again, I did everything to gain the exposure, but this was just another boat that I abandoned.
Twitter – One of the major social media tools, I am using Twitter Feed to display an excerpt of my recent blog posts so my followers can see it, Twitter does bring in a lot of traffic. It is still one of the largest micro blogging sites, Plurk will catch up soon but until then Twitter is king.
Plurk – an easy place to make new friends and contacts. Share your new posts and others. It is not as big as Twitter that’s why the potential is better. Another good thing about Plurk is the natural back links from other people whom you meet on Plurk, they will often mention me on their blogs. I think it is a must for everyone.
Promoting your Blog on Forums
Signature, Avatar, Homepage and others. Sites like Digitalpoint, Bloggeries are excellent. There are many more forums but not a lot will just let you write about your site. You have to put some content of your site. A lot of users spam forums with their links and that’s not the way to go. You will get banned from the forum. If you just want traffic, use shortcut URL's such as Tinyurl.
Promoting your Blog on Blog Directories
Niche directories are better. There are paid blog directories and free blog directories, and some are free that require back links. Best of the Web Blog Search, EatonWeb Blog Directory, Blog Hub, Bloggernity, Blogarama, Blog Search Engine, Blog Catalog, Globe of Blogs, Bloggeries, Blogflux. There are countless others.
Promoting your blog through Paid Advertising Campaigns
Paid advertising campaigns are for people who have some $$$ to invest. But you can do it on a smaller level too. You can buy ads on other bloggers blog. You can buy Paid Reviews.
Pay Per Click (PPC) – I didn’t pay any money for my blog. Other than PPC, I have not done any Paid Advertising Campaigns for my blog.
Promoting your Blog Locally
I have done some local advertisement and that was by giving away my blog shirt to random people in school and at concerts. I have been reviewed on a local newspaper. I attended conferences and handed out business cards and others.

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