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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unemployment Time Bomb

Unemployment extension benefit unlikely to be extended. Political time bomb is ticking.
By Joseph Foster, Author, ‘’Destruction of America’’ (exp. pub. Jan 2011)
As America continues the process of deindustrialization the people have remained silent, they have been silenced because unemployment benefit has kept bread on the table and secured them shelter. The benefit in many states is ending and when these benefits are not extended millions of Americans will be faced with lack of shelter and food. The lack of shelter and bread caused people to revolt against their government, It has occurred in History in countries such as Russia, China, and France. As a reminder when Marie Antoinette of France was told the people have no bread her response was supposedly, let them eat cake.  The possibility is now apparent that by 2011 on a gradual trend massive demonstration will begin in America, the crime rate will escalate since hungry people in desperation will seek all means to secure bread on the table for their family. The political leaders will not be vocal about America deindustrialization but will keep blaming the recession, although a factor, the principal culprit is deindustrialization of America.
My prediction, the situation by 2012 will become worse, jobs could not be created in sufficient number to cure the recession for obvious reason, consumer spending will remain down, and there will be no expansion in manufacturing since such enterprise is more profitable when established in low wage countries such as India, China and other emerging market countries. Due to the fall in consumer spending and the destruction of millions of the American middles class the evidence is apparent in the leisure industry, hotels, restaurants, car rental, and other business are offering massive discounts to lure customers.

The question will be asked are those that were elected by the American people able to come forward with some remedy, the answered is no, most of these elected Politicians right now are finger pointing at each other. It remains to be seen out of the crisis perhaps, radical leaders will begin to pop up; these leaders tend to come out with socialist plans. 

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