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Monday, March 21, 2011

Abandoned American Workers & Abolish American Healthcare

By Joseph Foster
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Abandoned American Workers
Our Industrial cities are becoming a ghost town’ all you need is go to Detroit once the Automobile capital of the world.

The number of Americans falling to the poverty level keeps increasing; we now have in excess of 43 million Americans surviving on government assistance in the form of food stamps.

I want every voter to ‘’Stand up for America’’ Please do not accept the political rhetoric that the following political parties espouse; Republican, Democratic, Tea party or the Coffee party or the orange party if there is a such a party, will ever be able to make the change needed to turn America around, it is not going to happen, the only course of action that will bring about change is for the American people to begin to demonstrate and protest, perhaps one million Americans should go to Washington and tell our elected officials of both parties that we the people shall no longer accept promises, but demand that the US Government forth with shall immediately address the issue of De Industrialization of America and restore the American dream.

‘’Never in the history of America has both political parties abandoned the American worker in favor of low paid workers abroad. ‘’Stand up for America’’

Abolish American Healthcare & Replace
All health care programs both State and Federal, and adopt the best health care program in place in one of the European countries such as the UK or France health care program, the health care provides basic health care for the entire population, allow free enterprise to provide private hospitals and private doctor practice for those that have the financial means to afford private health care.

The federal health care for all of the population to be funded by the government and allow tax deductible donations as an additional source to fund the system.

Why invent the wheel when it has already been invented.

Capitalism should not be an enterprise to profit from the poor and the sick. -Joe

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