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Monday, March 28, 2011

American Jobs Lost to Tyranny: Who Profits?

Joe:  you know the American Middle Class has been hollowed out with all the manufacturing jobs being transferred overseas. This is actually a long trend that has been going on for a rather long time – this is occurring in our lifetimes. First shoes, textiles, automobiles, machine tools, on and on. But where did our jobs go? To help some poor country evolve and become democratic? You really need to take just a couple of minutes below to educate yourself. Our jobs are being given to countries that employ child labor, provide poor working conditions that would be illegal in this country, etc. And of course jobs have been transferred to China in a big way. Don’t you think some of those jobs and in fact many of them could have remained in the US with reasonable union policies and reasonable tax rates and fair regulations? (Surfboards are no longer manufactured in California!) (see this link also on surfboard production) Some companies could have invested in automation to reduce labor costs. Anyhow your jobs have been transferred to countries like China where you can go to jail for doing simple things like criticizing the Chinese Communist Party. Write a critical blog go to prison! As Americans we should be demanding any job exported overseas be required to meet basic Human Rights conditions byt the country they are exported to. Wouldn’t this create some kind of incentives for the overseas market? We can’t trust the UN to do this kind of work.

Consider these people in Chinese prison (from Wikipedia). Why do we give this country our jobs?

1.  Cheng Jianping  online activist reeducation through labor for a sarcastic post on twitter
2. Wang Xiaoning  engineer incitement to subvert state power sentenced 2003. Yahoo! helped the government against him.
3. Shi Tao  journalist, writer, poet illegally supplying state secrets to overseas organizations 10 years sentenced 2005. Yahoo! helped the government against him.
4.  Liu Xiaobo  professor of literature  inciting subversion of state power  recipient of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize
5.  Li Zhi  civil servant  inciting subversion  Yahoo! helped the government against him.
6. Jiang Yanyong  doctor  Detained and released in 2004. broke story on SARS epidemic. wrote critical letter regarding Tiananmen.
7. Huang Qi  webmaster, anti-human trafficking activist inciting subversion Arrested after essay regarding the Sichuan Earthquake

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