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Monday, March 7, 2011

The American Revolution Reborn in Wisconsin


by Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Destruction of America’’ Stand up for America’, book worldwide release date July 2011.

The catalyst that has finally ignited the American worker has been triggered by Governor Walker. I predict by the year 2015 or sooner demonstration will become widespread in all of the fifty States. Some of these demonstrations may not be similar to that of the Wisconsin agenda but may cause a rebellion by the American workers that witnessed their jobs being outsourced to low labor countries abroad.

In my article I am not going to present an argument for or against a labor union but merely point out to the historical fact as the cause of the formation of Labor Unions both in the UK and U.S. Foremost of all one must go back to history to find out what are the reasons why Labor unions were formed in Britain and America.  The workers were labeled in England as the working class, and those privileged as the none working class amongst these people are the Nobility, the Barons, and the Lords Etc.

Some industrialists in America rewarded their workers with high wages based on productivity, one such Industrialist was Henry Ford when he made world headlines by paying his workers $5.00 per day almost double the wages at the time. The workers employed by Henry Ford did not have the need to have a union, since they were satisfied that their employer has adequately compensated them. However before and at the beginning of the Industrial revolution some capitalists by the element of greed saw no reason to adequately reward their worker even though their profits were high, these industrialists due to the extreme poverty took advantage of the poor. For example a poor mother would allow her child to work at the age of 10 or younger. With the introduction of machinery in factories in England, some of these children fell asleep at their work station and were severely injured or mutilated by the machine.

The laws of negligence at the time were written in favor of the industrialist or upper class, the injured worker to claim compensation had to sue and prove the employer was grossly negligent; many of these poor workers did not have the financial resources to file a law suit against an employer that had the money to employ some of the best lawyers. One must also note at that time, there was no National Health system in the UK and the injured worker has to seek medical treatment at his or her expense. Some Industrialist that have compassion and not afflicted with the element of greed, voluntarily paid for the medical cost of the injured worker.

As labor organization was formed these labor union by political pressure caused laws to be enacted in both the UK and U.S the Laws or the act is known as Workers Compensation Act where the employee injured on the job regardless of fault is given free medical benefit and compensated. U.S. employers were required by law to purchase workers compensation insurance coverage.

As a young man I was employed in Canada by the Ontario workers compensation board. Another major laws enacted in the U.S. as a result of union political activity were OSHA in the U.S. known as Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It was enacted by congress and signed into law by President Nixon in 1970. Its mission was to prevent work-related injuries, illness, and occupational fatality by issuing and enforcing standards for workplace safety.

Many workers during the Industrial revolution in Britain worked twelve hours per day and were paid very low wages barely sufficient to adequately provide the worker a decent home, or decent food, when the automobile age began the automobile was beyond the reach of the working class of Britain, they barely earned sufficient money to buy a bicycle.

This abject poverty drove millions of workers to emigrate to America were decent wages were paid. One such worker is this author, both my wife and I, earning two wages in the UK, our combined income was not sufficient enough to afford us a car, or decent home, nor where we able to rent a self-contain apartment and we had to live in a rooming house, where we shared the kitchen and bathroom with other tenants.

Labor organization was formed in America to fight for workers right and decent wages, however some unions on both side of the Atlantic demand became excessive and beyond reason. Many of our present economic problems can be traced to bad politicians that created conditions to reach a crisis level as the present situation in Wisconsin

The State of Wisconsin like many other states can no longer afford what prior politicians has offered the workers or teachers or fireman, or policeman, or the other government employees. Some correction has to be made, the politicians fails to point their fingers at each other, they then resort to point their fingers at the teachers, or police man or fire fighters, or the unions. One notion is if we get rid of the unions all will be well and perhaps the state will now be able to balance its budget, or perhaps at the federal level if we get rid of all entitlement programs the U.S. Government spending binge will be corrected and we will have a balance budget, perhaps eliminate unemployment benefits and it will help the federal government balance its budget.

These politicians fail to accept that they have caused the government to grow, they have squandered trillions on weapons, and wars, they justify to the people that it is for their security when one of their agenda is to support the military industrial complex, lurking in the background are those that profit from such enterprise, and these same pundits in turn support political candidates, to continue to enrich them, the politicians are accusing the unions of being in politics, yes to some extent they are correct, what about the Lobbyist that represent industry.

Here below is an article by Associated Press.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- If President Barrack Obama wants to take the measure of his opposition, he only has to glance across Lafayette Park from the White House. There, behind 10 massive Corinthian columns, is the headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- a leading critic of the administration's health care and banking overhaul plans. A fortress for the business community, the chamber has emerged as a Multitasking, multimillion-dollar defender of the private sector against presidential initiatives. As lawmakers spend time at home during their August vacation hearing from constituents, the chamber is adding its own heat to the season. There is a $2 million campaign against Osama’s proposals that would make the government a competitor in the health insurance market. It is trying to make the case for insurers, which oppose a government-run insurance alternative but want to work with the White House to mandate coverage for all. The chamber also has become a pointed critic of a White House plan to create a consumer finance protection agency and is assembling finance sector trade groups to push for a delay in legislation. With 3 million members, the chamber is working with local and regional affiliates on letter-writing campaigns to lawmakers and plans to track their public appearances to make sure they hear the chamber's point of view. End of report by AP.

The American worker like the teachers that have now began to demonstrate have remained silent for over twenty years while one by one of American factories are shut down, and has been relocated in China or India, they have remained silent while customer service offices in the U.S. was shut down and all of its American workers fired, that same office was then opened in India or the Philippines were low paid workers are hired.

The Wisconsin revolution has opened a Pandora box long time shut and the demonstration will lead to other workers this time it may not be teachers or firemen or policemen or government workers, perhaps it may be the American  garment workers and others that are now unemployed.

When you begin to tell America middle class that your wages are too high, and you must now reduce your wages and benefit to meet government budget requirements, or perhaps tell all senior citizens currently receiving social security payment that it is now time to cut your benefits by perhaps 15% or inform all persons receiving Medi care benefits that it is now time to cut your benefits, such action will immediately cause a rebellion against the government.

The politicians have created the mess over many years and now they must find scapegoats to blame, the balance of excess should have been made many years ago, now there are those of our citizens that are being told that the burden of this high salaries and benefits will fall on you the tax payers, these folks then turn against the Government workers, or unions. What the politicians has created is to get the American people to begin to have conflict with each other, while the politicians stand by and say we are harmless it was their fault or the fault of Unions.

Will someone tell the politicians the billions and billions of American taxpayer’s money given to corrupt un-democratic government so that that government remains pro America, while the people of that corrupt Government remains anti America?

Has the U.S government ever blamed themselves by having an unprotected border so as to allow millions of illegal aliens into the country, while telling the American people that we have the strongest military force to protect the United Sates, and yet that force is not used to protect America borders? Have the politicians ever told the American people that the main reason for not protecting the border is to allow cheap and low paid workers enter the U.S.

Were the unions responsible when a mayor in one of the cities in Los Angeles County decided to increase his salary to $800,000 annually and a pension that will pay said mayor 80% of his annual salary? Did the Tea party ever admit that they created two useless wars that have been going on for 10 years with no end in sight?

They camouflage their mistakes by frightening the American people that it was for your security. We jumped from paranoia of communism now it is paranoia of terrorist. Both political parties have failed the American people for over twenty years. The Republican Party now calls itself the Tea party; I have now changed the name of the Democratic Party to that of the coffee party. Time for the American people to begin to consider a third political party, perhaps to be named the orange party.

Joe: I’m with on your writings about the union and about the need for a third party. However, I don’t think the Republican Party is the Tea Party at all and I think they will do their best to avoid what the Tea Party wants – mainly a balanced budget and a drastic cut in spending. I’m not confident the GOP will deliver and in fact I don’t think they like the Tea Party because of Christine O’Donell nomination and the pressure to actually reduce spending and the size of government. As I said I like the idea of a third party but as of right now I’m more concerned about cutting spending above all & secondly who will be able to challenge Obama? So far nothing no one is qualified except maybe our friend in NJ. -Bob

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