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Friday, March 25, 2011

book update: ‘’Destruction of America", subtitled "Stand up for America” will be available May 2012

By Joseph Foster

Email Joseph Foster at My book, ‘’Destruction of America", subtitled "Stand up for America” will be available May 2012 at all major bookstores. Visit my blog Stand Up for America! for more articles.


Bob:  Greetings! As you know I had some very big problems getting my book edited and promoted by some dishonest people that are not named here. Fortunately my new publisher is well regarded and has suggested my book be released later in the year for marketing reasons, mainly to coincide with the upcoming 2012 presidential election cycle or season. My personal feelings are to publish the finished book sooner however the publishers have long experience in the book business so my preference may nopt count for much. And I must say I am happy to have a reputable publisher, of course as you know I am pleased to get my money back from my credit card company from those other guys who did nothing.

The new release date for my book ‘’Destruction of America’’ sub titled ‘’Stand up for America’’by Joseph Foster is May 1, 2012.

My publisher suggested I establish a website, blog, and utilize social media (Facebook etc.) to promote the book; I informed them I already, in cooperation with you had established this blog – maybe it makes sense to use some of the other social media they suggest. I think I will try to urge them if they could, if possible publish sooner.

The plan is to use the book for the political campaign for the November 2012 against the reelection of President Obama and other candidates that may be running against him from the Republican or the Tea partys.

I believe the book will be of great interest to politicians and the voters, it also may arouse media interest based on the name ‘’Destruction of America’’ sub titled, ‘’Stand up for America’’.

The publisher is well established and has allowed enough time to be certain that the book is edited to meet the highest standards, since they are investing some $30,000 or more of their own money. I have by now learned by experience in my struggle to get the book published and my observation at Barnes and Noble book store that 90% of all books published never achieve high sales volume; most is poor quality.

Bob, our blog is bringing developing great interest with the high number of views and many “hits” on the authors and books we feature that are relevant to our discussion. These excellent books address directly our topics of politics and economics, - the realpolitik.

I believe the book will have an impact on the American political scene, it will arouse the workers of America that have seen their wages shrinking and a middle class that is in a destruction mode, cities that have become ghost towns like Detroit. A trade policy that rewards Corporate America and CEO and punishes the American Worker that has to compete with low labor abroad. I want the American people to note that due to budget restrains severe cuts are being made in education this cut will be a major damage to the future of America. While we cut cost on education China is dramatically increasing their budget on education, and in time a highly educated Chinese population will have an edge and leap ahead of the United States as a major Industrial, military and economic power.

It is my belief that big money controls the agenda in Washington. The core problem of American de-industrialization is being ignored by both political parties and the press has not been very vocal on the issue, some say it is the recession, some say we are going through a change due to innovation or technology, some blame Detroit disaster on the unions, others on the local government, yes there is some blame, but the principal cause is the policies the de-industrialize America.

Here below is some disturbing news about Detroit today. The motor city of America is dying, its population has shrunk by more than 25% in the last decade. The city population fell to approximately 713, 700 in 2010.a drop of almost 240, 000 residents. Thousands upon thousands of homes are vacant some are proposing that perhaps 10,000 empty residential buildings should be demolished.

I want the American people to understand that my primary cause for writing the book was to arouse the voters to begin to be fully engaged in the political future of America. Here is a quote; “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” –PLATO

It is my hope that some outstanding leader will come forward and perhaps turn America around from the brink of disaster.

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