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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

California Bipartisanship ends! - Who cares? Nether the left or the right...

Joe:  the CA Gov. Jerry Brown has cut off talks with the state republicans, “Governor cuts off budget talksVentura County Star. The LA Times subtitled first page headline says “Brown ends bipartisan effort…”. I’m rather surprised by the times coverage, they are critical about him promising that he could solve the budget mess because of (now I suppose in spite of) his long, vast, experience.  I hired an older gentleman one time who kept telling me and everyone around him he had a “long tooth” in other words he’d been around a long time and was thus a wizened older man. We it turned out he couldn’t really accomplish any of his promises and when I pushed him to get some things done he quit. Now to JB’s credit everyone recognizes JB has put some real effort into this. But what he many make a mistake about is the so-called “bipartisanship” people really want the financial mess solved by one party or the other or with bipartisanship, however bipartisanship as a goal is not the same thing as solving the problem for the good of California. Remember his idea is to put on the June ballot measures that would allow the California citizenry to joyously vote to increase their “temporary” taxes on income, sales taxes, and vehicle taxes (already tripled) so far the republicans have said NO! JB and crew will find a way as George Skelton recommended recently, to impose these taxes “temporarily for 5years” without citizen approval. –Bob

Where did Jerry Brown’s money come from?

TABLE 3: Top 15 All Time Industries
Candidate Committees
Lawyers & Lobbyists
Party Committees
General Trade Unions
Public Sector Unions
Real Estate
Tribal Governments
TV & Movie Production/Distribution
Health Professionals
Securities & Investment
Gambling & Casinos
Computer Equipment & Services
Beer, Wine & Liquor
Transportation Unions

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