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Monday, March 28, 2011

California's Budget Mess: Should Adults (Voters) Make Hard Choices?

I’d laugh if it wasn’t so painful. California’s budgetary problems are sincerely being ignored. Gov J. Brown claims he cut something like $12B last week. The Jon & Ken KFI AM640 show said last week that it more on the order of $6 or $7B – the usual as to be expected smoke and mirrors. Arnold did they same thing, all kinds of accounting gimmicks. Why isn’t California having battles with unions (J.B.’s main source of campaign funds)? Today G. Skelton is complaining in the LA Times, “Brown shouldn't leave hard choices to voters” also “The governor and legislators should handle the job they were elected to do.” In other words and more honestly G.S. says what he really wants, “The governor and Legislature can raise or extend taxes on their own.” He is crying because the politicians realize (I truly hope) that maybe with very high unemployment, a weak economy, high gas prices, etc, etc., that maybe people don’t want to vote for J.B.’s tax increases and in fact people like me
don’t even want the matter up for a vote. Can you imagine the reverse, what if a Republican Govenor/Legislature were allowed to reduce spending and did so without voter involvement?

G.S. is complaining the Sacramento politicians are not doing their job. I think J.B. is doing a very good job for his supporters not the state of California. He is doing his damndest to raise taxes, he is schmoozing the Republicans to get the special election on the books so we can raise our taxes to keep the public employee unions alive. There is no gnashing of teeth in California – there is no outrage, not yet anyway. We have G.S. is complaining about J.B. not raising taxes by fiat by force. If the Sacramento government has the power to increase taxes don’t they also have the power to reduce spending, to spend money wisely? We are crash test dummies headed for the wall. The American fight needs to begin soon and will begin soon – when reality becomes truth. Personally, as a voter I'm okay with "hard choices" - NO! I'd vote not to increase taxes. Oh no, an adult making a hard choice - that's so mean... - please!

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