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Tuesday, March 15, 2011



By Joseph Foster
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The selection by Forbes of Hu Jintao President of China as the most powerful leader in the world has become the subject of debate, perhaps in mine given wisdom due to my age and as an historian, I did not acquire my knowledge by reading alone, I supplement that knowledge for having lived during the era when the U.S. was led by powerful and charismatic Presidents of the past that may be labeled as the most powerful leaders on earth. I have omitted from my list leaders of tyranny.

Pro: The World's Most Powerful People, Forbes Magazine
Con: Is Hu Jintao Really The Most Powerful Person In The World?, Gady Epstein

Beginning with FDR when FDR speaks the majority of Americans listen, he was labeled the land slide president, unlike any president his picture hanged in millions of American homes, this great leader introduced a safety net for all Americans labeled as social security, and yes he was attacked by his opponents they resorted to attacking his family and finally began to attack his dog, but such attack did not deter this great leader to make changes that he considered to be good for the American people.

Next Harry Truman another powerful leader, he was not afraid to make difficult decision and once made, he stood by his decisions as being the right course of action, here is what he said the buck stops here, and your best friend in Washington is your dog. When his great General wanted the U.S. to get tangled in a war fighting 1.3 billion Chinese, he flew to the Pacific and fired him on the spot.

Harry was confronted to make a decision that will go down in history as one of the most difficult decision ever made by a human being, to use the atomic bomb on two Japanese cities each with a population of 100,000 which will kill all of its inhabitants including women and children and end the war in Japan, or the other alternative refrain from using such weapon, and continue the war which may ultimately be won by the loss of perhaps two million people, this great president exercised the option that will cause less loss of human life.

Next another powerful leader labeled as LBJ - Lyndon Johnson he was instrumental in passing the civil right act, opposed by the south that is a feat in itself. A bill long overdue that should have been enacted after slavery was abolished in America. When the bill was passed LBJ said I have lost the South. Another social need for the senior citizens of America was Medi care; he gave the first Medi card in person to the retired President Harry S Truman. LBJ’s presidency was marred by the Vietnam war he lost many night sleep over that war, since it troubled him, his mistake was he listened to his Generals that kept telling him send more troops, does that reminder you of Obama as to Afghanistan war were he also was listening to the generals, saying - send more troops! Which he did.

The two social needs social security and Medi care are not favored by some wealthy Americans, but they are in the minority and any politician from both sides of the isle that will ever propose the repeal of these two social programs will be committing political suicide.

Another great, President Reagan we are all reminded of his words at the Berlin wall, ‘’ Gorbachev knock that wall.’’ President Reagan whom I have met personally was an inspiring leader, when faced with an issue that turns out in the long term will not benefit the U.S. he will cause an immediate change of policy. He was labeled by a great leader Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain as the “great communicator“.

Yahoo Finance report dated March 14, 2011 America as the world's dominant producer, China has overtaken the United States ending a 110-year run for America world's largest manufacturer. This news disturbs many Americans, but I doubt if most of our politicians in Washington will ever care about such news, it may get the attention of JFK if he was now the President of the United States when he met Russian challenge on Sputnik.

It disturbs Americans that have been told for decades, America is the richest country on earth and the most powerful military power on earth, therefore the most powerful man on earth shall always be the President of the U.S. President Obama was elected on one powerful word change, after he was elected the people saw no change, and it was business as usual, moreover his party has lost its majority in the congress, and he is now a lame duck president presiding over a grid lock government. The perception is Obama is not particularly strong having watched a rout of his party in the midterm election.

Here below is a full text of one of the editor of Forbes comments as to why he chose Hu Jintao as more powerful than Obama;
FORBES:  ... I was one of those editors who deemed Hu Jintao as more powerful than Obama. It is not because of Obama’s “weakness” but more a symbolic vote for China’s rising influence as a world leader in industrial, financial and cultural matters. They have the balance sheet, the workforce and the central control needed to reshape their country and its relationship to the world. True power is saying your nation is going to grow at 9% in a given year and hitting that number on the nose. I’m not saying the stats are reliable but when you can manufacture that kind of growth (in all senses of the phrase) that’s power. End of text.

The question we shall ask what makes a powerful leader or powerful man in the world? I do not use my selection based on the country of the leader he could be the president of France or prime minister of the UK.

Hu Jintao was one of the protégé of Deng Xiaoping among others; Hu Jintao has learned from his master Deng Xiaoping who ignited the torch of reform in China, setting up coastal zone for economic development and promoting private enterprise in a communist state. Hu Jintoa has a charismatic personality and is viewed as a builder of consensus, bridging competing faction amongst the members of the politburo. One of Mr. Hu's few recorded sayings is that success in life "requires resolve, attention to concrete matters and courage in making decisions". He has energized China in its economic growth, and he is well focused on making China one of the economic giant of this century. He will not allow the West to push him around and was not deterred when Obama wanted him to re value the Chinese currency.

One U.S. investment guru said you cannot change or push China when it is your banker. China as an economic power that westerns are predicting will take the number one spot from the U.S. it began to strengthen China military strength to deter the U.S. from flexing its military power over China.

Some say but at one time Japan was predicted as the country that will become the number one economy of the world, and now it has declined, you cannot compare Japan to China. The land size of China is almost the size of the United. It has a population of 1.3 billion people, it has now surpassed the U.S. in the number of cars purchased annually, and is now ranked as the number one industrial country of the world. Japan never ever reached the level of China.
While the U, S. due to budget constrains is cutting expenditure on education the opposite is occurring in China.

China Massive Infrastructure Development the Largest on Earth’
The people that many centuries ago built the wall of China have now begun the process of building. Here is what they are doing; in one five-year project, China is connecting more than 11,000 miles of high-speed rail lines at a cost of more than $300 billion. Compared with the $36 billion U.S. high-speed Rail appears more like a mini railroad project. Over the next decade, China is planning to build a dozen Airports the size of Atlanta International airport or bigger. Moreover, a highway-construction program under way will put US interstate highway system which has been neglected into shame. Some of you would want to know why they neglect US highway system the answer is being the policeman of the world has more priority. Proponents of a better high way system in the US make the least noise in Washington. compared to proponent of the military defense lobbyists.

The West continues to criticize China for not adopting Western style democracy, perhaps Hu and the Chinese leadership does not consider Western style democracy’s appropriate for China that has a population of 1.3 billion people. The U.S is now and in the past criticize China for not adopting Democracy, now some Western Investment gurus are saying perhaps the world is shocked that perhaps capitalism function more efficiently under a communist regime, since the Chinese leadership does not have to content with limitations and influence of 100 senators and over 600 members of congress add to that is the special interest group. That said, there is also a measure of perception here that Obama is at this moment not a strong leader.

In ending this article the decision as to who is the most powerful man on earth has been made by eight learned editors, their combined knowledge exceed mine and I have no reason to disagree with their choice.

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