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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Democracy-Revolution-Chinese Dissidents and Oil

By Joseph Foster
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Bob responding to your comments regarding dissident in China, I shall respond with an Article which I shall head as;

Democracy Revolution Chinese Dissidents and Oil.
The rebellion by a small group of dissidents  in China are immediately suppressed and are arrested, imprisoned or killed, Bob if I were living in China and as a Chinese were to write a book attacking the Government as I am doing today, I will be arrested, what a shame that they continue to suppress free speech. Karl Max wrote an economic theory supported by his friend Engels; it did not contain any suggestion that dissidents or capitalist should be executed or arrested.

In time large scale protest in China may cause a change. Chairman Mao killed twenty million dissidents, causing the masses of the population to this day fearful to mount any large scale protest. I recall the Chinese guy that protested in Tiananmen Square by standing in front of a Tank and we all as westerns praise him for his bravery and stand.

On my trip to Beijing I purposely began to ask what you think of the guy that stood up in front of a Tank protesting, I was informed he was a crazy man, for you see the regime has labeled him as such. The Chinese media I believe told the people that a crazy man has decided to stand in front of a tank, without telling the people that he was protesting in defense of freedom.

Our protest for many years regarding the iron curtain and other civil liberties violation by Russia and China did not change the behavior of these countries. However I do not suggest we shall remain silent on human right violation. I am gratified that the civilized world came together to stop mass murder by Gadhafi who referred to his people that opposed him as rats.

The west cannot intervene by military force as two countries of the world namely China and Russia. As to China the U.S. in the Vietnam and Korea war tangled with China it lost the Vietnam War, and it did not succeed in unifying Korea, the North was retained as a communist country and its oppressive leader today has begun to give China some headaches.

As to Russia when it imposed its iron curtain the west could not challenge Russia to remove that curtain by military means, it was removed by Russia after the leadership came to their senses that communism, and the subsidizing of Eastern Europe with cheap oil, providing massive aid to Nasser of Egypt or Castro of Cuba and others gave no benefit to the Russian people.

China remains a communist government and it was prodded by Deng Xiaoping who also believes in communist ideology to adopt a free market economy? It succeeded beyond the dreams of the Chinese leadership.

One of the major reasons for China success was the west championed by the United States transferred many of its Industrial bases to China in favor of low labor cost, such transfer was detriment to its citizen workers interest. However corporate interest of high profits by the use of cheap labor became more important than its citizen workers. The result of the De Industrialization of America has now made Detroit the slum the showcase city of America,
It is reported that the City of Detroit local authorities are contemplating in destroying over 10,000 vacant homes that were once occupied by American workers.

The two countries namely China and Russia that the U.S. for decades opposed due to their communist ideology has made fools of the U.S. These two countries are now economically leaping forward whiles the U.S. leaps backward economically.

Middle East Revolution.
Scholars, Academicians, and others have attempted to identify as to what triggered the Revolution, and how has it immediately expanded to several countries in the region. Answers are difficult to come by to identify the true cause, some say the information age created by the internet may have finally caused many to become informed. That answer is not supported by the era when there was no Internet or news media as we have today, a revolution took place in Russia and France during a period when the information age was not born.

Some say it was social networking websites all of these theories are utter rubbish and is not supported by historical events that caused many revolutions throughout Europe and other parts of the world from the beginning of 10th Century to the 1917 Russian revolution.

Others say it was triggered by the zest for democracy. If you mingle with the crowd of Egyptians demonstrating and ask the majority of the crowd have you heard or understand democracy, they will not know what you are talking about. Bob your comments about an Israeli Naphtali Bennett that the Libyans rebels wanted democracy for economic reasons. He is accurate in his assessment, the question is when you are in extreme poverty given the choice of freedom or bread you will chose bread, however if you can achieve both that will be the quest by all human beings.

Here is what former secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan said about the declaration of Human rights. It rings hollow to the millions of people that have to struggle in extreme poverty. Mr. Annan went on to say if we are serious about human rights, we must demonstrate that we are serious about deprivation. Mr. Annan expression was based on his educated knowledge, however I was born and raised in Ghana where Kofi Annan was also born, and we both by personal experience know the true pain of poverty of the poor in Ghana.

One must also understand the poor of third world country are not offered food stamps,  and free medical which is offered to U.S citizens classified as poor, , nor is there such a thing as un employment benefit. When a person lives on as low as $30.00 per month he is thinking about a government that may offer him or her more food he or she is uneducated, and does not understand what is the meaning of democracy, more over if he lives in a third world country where they have democracy the voting process is corrupt,

A politician buys the voters and gets elected by money he spends from his own pocket knowing that once elected his investment will make him in some instance super rich. Some may ask is the voting process and the election in the U.S. as similar, yes it is similar but less corrupt.

The Russian people during the revolution accepted bread and not freedom. Here is a short story about myself from my chapter in my book ‘’My Life in Russia’’ As an American capitalist I lived in Moscow in the life of a communist,  for nine months, as a result to my relation with a Russian woman. I asked many Russians How does it feel to live without freedom, many would tell me how dissidents were removed in the middle of the night from their homes, but as to the folks I spoke to  they did not understand the importance of freedom since they were born and raised during the communist era, they advised me as long as you stay out of Russian politics and mind your own business you will have no problem.

My circle of Russian friends were Doctors, Lawyers, military officers and others, my Russian fiancée is a Russian Lawyer employed by the mayor of Moscow, I debated with these people that I encountered the freedom in America, and how capitalist system will elevate the standard of living of persons that succeed where he or she will have a large luxurious home and a luxury car, moreover the freedom to criticize the government.

Before I begin to tell you what I was barraged with, the communist government has prevented western journals and magazine from being imported to Russia, also they did not have access to western news media or western news broadcast, they showed the Russians the worst side of the life in America. They told me we saw how some Americans slept on the streets, how some were beaten by the police, how some died of hunger and illness, and the unemployment of workers unable to find a job.

They said we Russians are guaranteed free education all the way to the University level, the state guarantees us a job and given us the ability to buy food at a lower cost, moreover an apartment for $10.00 per month with free utilities.

I was asked since you have been living here have you ever not found adequate food; you are living with your fiancée in her apartment which we deem very comfortable. As to luxury home we do not need such a home nor is it necessary for me to own a car, the government provides adequate public transportation and low fare taxi.

I could not continue the debate since these people were born communist and have never been to the west, the state has successfully brain washed their mind that their life was far superior to that of westerners. They idolize Lenin since generation after generation were taught in school, from early child hood how the Tsar and capitalism made millions of Russians suffer in poverty, and their savior from such oppression was Lenin.

When some couples get married the bride in her wedding gown and the bride groom will visit the tomb of Lenin  as a show of respect and adulation. I want for my western audience to understand that Russian citizens living under communism enjoyed a higher standard of living than a Chinese, or North Korean Communist or East European communist. Having visited Hungary and Poland when those countries were under communism I was able to compare their standard of living of the people of these two countries to that of Russians, and I can attest that the Russians enjoyed a much better life.

My answer as to the true cause of the revolution in Middle East countries is  ‘’Bread.’’ Now you may ask me to support my statement here are some? The bread line in Petrograd now known as St Petersburg, Russia. Marie Antoinette the people has no bread. China dead bodies on the sidewalk in the morning that died during the night without bread and shelter. Those of the Egyptian population that are the upper class and wealthy, demonstrated in favour of Mubarak.

Some scholars in the Middle East will blame the entire problem of the Middle East countries on colonialism, or western meddling, all that has no valid basis. As to Colonialism many countries under British colonial era lived peacefully. Today some of these countries after Independence from colonial rule are ruled by corrupt leaders, and several countries that have gained Independence from Britain are in a state of civil war, one country that has become a basket case is Rhodesia now known as Zimbabwe.

Egypt was stable for many years, there was improvement in the economy and many Egyptians were elevated from the poverty to the middle and upper middle class, however the prosperity did not reach millions of Egyptians that lived on $62.00 per month. Let’s assume there is democracy in Iraq and Libya and Gadhafi or Saddam were to use the oil resources of the country to offer a good life for the people, In both countries, both Saddam and Gadhafi will be re-elected until they die.

In the U.S. we have senators that kept being elected until the senator dies. Let’s assume there is no fixed term for a President of the United States and that A President proves to be the most capable President, he too will be re-elected until death. Kuwait has a monarchy he is the sole ruler and the country has no election, there will never be a revolution in Kuwait, nor will the people demand democracy, reason the large oil revenues received by the state is spent to provide free medical for the entire population, free school and the most generous housing assistance to the Kuwait citizen.

Kuwait also allocate millions in foreign aid to other Arab countries, it never fund such aid to the government in cash, the money is used by Kuwait to build roads and water irrigation system, to be certain that the project is built, the construction project is awarded to contractors by the Kuwaiti government and upon completion of the project the government of Kuwait pays the contractor direct. Kuwait government knows like I do, that the majority of third world countries government are corrupt, and the aid if given in cash, most of the money will end up in the pocket of the corrupt politicians, western countries fund foreign aid direct to the governments. Now some Americans may say we also have a corrupt government, yes but not to the extent as it exist in third world countries.

I am now keeping a close eye on Syria a true police state, I have visited that country on several occasions it has a very interesting history and its capital Damascus is considered as the oldest city in the world...Syria is a true police state no freedom and extreme poverty and massive unemployment. The Syrian workers are to Lebanon the same as the Mexican workers that flock to America by illegal means. The majority of the construction workers in Lebanon are Syrians, the same holds true as to the U.S. by Mexican workers. Due to poverty in Syria many of the Syrian workers migrate to Lebanon to work for less wages than the Lebanese nationals.

The Syrian revolution will present the biggest headache for the U.S. and Israel, bear in mind Syria is in Israel back yard. Syria has a population in excess of 22 million, capital city Damascus known as the oldest city in the world. Religious make up, 74% Sunni Muslim, 13% Shia, Alawites  10% Christian, and 3% Druze. The Alawites is an off shoot of Shiites; their devotion is primarily to Ali, they believe in trinity whose Supreme manifestation is Muhammad, Ali,  and Salman al-Farisi. They also believe in drinking wine and have something similar to Christian communion service. The leadership of the Syrian government the Assad family are Alawites. Since 1971 power has been concentrated first with Hafez al-Assad and now in his son Bashar al-Assad. The ruling elite, military and secret police are mostly Alawites.
Today Syria is considered a theocratic police state.

If the Syrian regime was to resign and a free election was to be held it will be a win for the west and Israel, however that regime will never resign and will resist its demise, the rebels will not receive support from the west since it has no incentive to do so due to lack of oil. If the resistance become stronger with no western Air power support, it will resort to terrorist activity to wage a war against the regime, it will gain support from Hezbollah a powerful military organization well trained and supported by Iran. With the help of Hezbollah it will engage in suicide mission to kill the Syrian leadership, and if the Syrian rebel helped by Hezbollah wins then Syria will fall into the Iran sphere of influence, an undesirable event for the west and Israel.

Another area of turmoil in the Middle East that I am also paying special attention is Bahrain, It is another powder keg it has a Sunni minority ruling class and a Shite Majority, the Shite population is backed up by Iran where the majority of Iran population is Shite. It is a religious inspired opposition. The Shia population in Bahrain is demanding more political power. Bahrain causeway connects to the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, where the majority of that country oil production is located. That area of Saudi Arabia is prominently Shia, bear in mind the ruling  family of Saudi Arabia is Sunni.

When the Iran revolution occurred in 1979 the eastern province of Saudi Arabia erupted.
oil is the life line of the west and today’s volatility driven by revolution some based on poverty, other based on religious faction, is sending shock waves around the world as to the future impact it may have on the world economy. As the Libyans rebels make progress with the support NATO Air power, we shall perhaps in a short time begin to see Libya oil flowing  again, however that flow will not cause the price of oil to drop below the $100 per barrel given the wide spread turmoil in the region.

Political rhetoric statement by Obama, Cameron, And Sarkozy.
We are in Libya to protect the rebels whom are Libyans from being killed by Gadhafi, any one that believes this statement as the true intent is naïve, perhaps the moral values of the west has changed, the true test will be Syria. The west will not intervene if the rebellion is based on religious faction. You may recall when President Reagan discovered the civil war in Lebanon was based on        religious faction; he withdrew U.S. troops from that country. I shall exclude from my list countries that its citizens were murdered by the regime, Russia, and China; the west cannot intervene due to their military might.
Uganda Idi Amin killed in excess of 500,000 of his own people.
Saddam in his quest to control Iraq killed in excess of 300,000 of his own people.
Hafiz Assad of Syria in his quest to control Syria as a dictator killed in excess of 10,000 of his own people.
I shall end this chapter and quote Joseph Stalin statement, quote, ‘’the death of one person is a tragedy the death of many is an event’’.

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