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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Does George Bush deserve credit for events in Egypt & Middle-East?

Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Destruction of America’’ Sub title ‘’Stand up for America’’

My answer is 100% NO.

Here are my analysis we must examine the motive and intent before we render a judgment this is what I learned in Law school.

The primary cause of the invasion was to stop Saddam from developing weapons of mass destruction, after none was found the politicians began to put out a spin Sadam was an oppressive dictator, and we want to liberate the Iraq people from oppression, we knew he was an oppressive dictator many decades ago, when he killed thousands of his own people we did not intervene, he remained our darling boy when he invaded Iran because we were angry that the Iraq people toppled the Shah another darling of Washington. Please do not be fooled by the recent uprising in Egypt and other Arab country, the prime cause was the poor that finally got fed up and wanted a change.

As to change a true democracy will never happen in any Arab country.

The Egyptian military now controls Egypt and any election will be stacked in their favor. I once said when you invade a country and the people throw flowers on our troops you are in the right war, they did that in Kuwait and France when we liberated the French from the Nazi regime.

Sectarian violence continues in Iraq and the Iraq government propped up by petro dollars are spending large sums of money to build an Army to protect the regime, in time that Army may split and you may have a similar scenario to Libya, it did not split in Egypt since the top military officials all got together and asked Mubarak it is time to leave. Kaddafi on the under hand has built a separate Army for his own personal protection, this Army keeps an eye on the main military force of Libya.

Joe: I do not think you are correct. Democracy can come to any people, any nation, should they desire it enough. I disagree with you very strongly on this point. The Middle-East is emerging from a legacy of colonial and strongman rule. If the people desire it and they get some outside support regimes & governments can be changed. If Russia can change then anything can change. What about apartheid in South Africa? With all their economic power and military weaponry - couldn’t stay in power. The world is becoming aware and connected in ways that were possible before. -Bob

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