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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Egypt: The Positives of Mubark's Reign?

Joe - what were the positives of Mubarak over the last 30-years. I just keep hearing what a bad guy he is but I suppose there may be truth since anyone in power for that long has to be brutal and I think corrupt. But how did he serve US interests? Should the US be thanking him?

Bob - in response to your above comments here are some facts;
Mubarak was vice president of Egypt under the Sadat regime, Sadat waged two wars against Israel, the second labeled as Yom kupper war, in that war he almost defeated Israel and the US stopped the advance of his Army by telling him one step forward the might of the US Military will Intervene and destroy your entire Army, some claim Israel had the upper hand the issue is muddled up and being disputed by others including Israel., Sadat with the support of his vice president Mubarak saw it was a useless effort to continue an anti-Israeli policy that does not serve Egypt interest, he therefore under the auspices of Jimmy Carter entered into a peace treaty with Israel, Sadat thereafter was assassinated and Mubarak assumed power, he has created a health business climate for westerners, and brought about prosperity for the many, but that prosperity can never reach the masses that do not send their kids to school and continue to live by the Muslim tradition where they may have four wives and breed children like Rabbits. That does not imply that all Egyptian Muslim follow such practice, nor does it suggest that all Muslim suppress women.

History will bear me out that the West also for centuries maintain such bad behavior
The one remaining suppression of women in the US involves equal pay; Obama has finally made the correction.

Yes Mubarak was hash in his attempt to suppress a radical extremist group called the Muslim brother hood, their agenda is like Hamas, and Hezbollah, if they succeed to gain power it will create a problem for Israel, and the US as a supporter of Israel, moreover the Muslim brother hood of Egypt if they gain power will make an attempt to topple two pro US governments in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the implication is oil. Middle East extremist use religion to gain power as an example Hezbollah which means in English the party of God, the Egyptian extremist group label themselves Muslim brother hood.

Mubarak has told Obama that if he were to resign immediately, the radical element will cease power, he has agreed not run for an election which will take place in September 2011 and he will use that period to strengthen candidates that may be elected that will follow his policy of stability for Egypt to continue.

The liberal element in the US wants him to resign now, and could not careless about what will happen to the future of Egypt, I think by now the west is cooling down to the concept of immediate resignation, perhaps Sadat has convinced them for his decision not to resign immediately.

I for one support Mubarak, yes sometimes Democracy fails but when the alternative will be an extremist type of Government that if elected will create more harsh rules than Mubarak, and set Egypt backwards or introduce Muslim laws that a woman that has committed adultery should be stoned to death.

Western leaders are cooling to the idea of immediate resignation of Mubarak; he may resign perhaps before the September election if he knows that a candidate may be selected that will continue to provide stability for Egypt. As a high military officer in the past he continues to have the support of Egypt high ranking military officers, some of these officers were at the Pentagon recently and
Cut their visit short due to the uprising in their country.

As to mistake yes, he ignored the plight of the poor to some extent, moreover he should during the entire term of his office have appointed a vice president, he has now done so. Israel and the US are thankful for Mubarak for preventing Egypt to fall in the hands of extremist element, their agenda is create more anti American and anti-Israeli stance.

When big money and special interest group buys democracy in America by swaying the voters, that is not right either, today many learned Americans have put into question American democracy and label it Plutocracy.

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