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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Egyption Revolution

By Western standards of democracy Mubarak has violated the rules of democracy by hanging on to power for so long and impeding the opposition from defeating him many years ago.

But here is a dilemma about Democracy sometimes a leader of the likes of Mubarak is justified to violate the rules of Democracy and remain in power.

Mubarak has brought stability to Egypt for 30 years, he has caused the Egyptian economy to achieve a growth rate of 5% he also abandon the folly of creating constant tension between Egypt and Israel, those that continue on this path such as Lebanon and Iran remained mired in a conflict that never bring benefit to their country, the last conflict between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel caused the destruction of 13,000 homes of the Shia religious sect supporters of Hezbollah by Israeli Air power
Many of Hezbollah supporters claim victory over Israel, when they killed perhaps two Israeli citizens and destroyed a few Israeli buildings, such loss by Israel cannot be as great as the destruction of 13,000 Lebanese homes by Israel Air power.

There is no doubt that Egypt poor lives on the average of $62,00 per month, and their number runs in the millions, Three billion of the world population lives on $2.00 per day,  when Mubarak’s Accession to power in 1981, Egypt’s population was only 44 million, to day it is 80 million. The number of the poor in Egypt keeps growing due to high birth rate among the poor, some have four wives and thirty children, these children for the most part are raised without education, their number keeps growing.

Egypt like many other poor countries suffer from high birth rate and lack of education for the majority its population. It is this segment of Egyptian population that are now demonstrating and wants to cease power, one of the strongest opposition party to Mubarak is the Muslim brotherhood, their agenda is to transform Egypt to an Islamic state, continue military confrontation with Israel and as an Islamic State adhere to the rules which restrict the freedom of women, and suppress women right, such as the husband has the only right to divorce, such right is not given to the woman, moreover he has the right to beat her, and the right to marry up to four wives.

There is a rule used to oppress women it is named in Arabic Beit el Taa-are in English it means the house of obedience, where the husband may place his wife in an oppressive mode, Please note the majority of Muslims do not oppress their women but some of the uneducated and poor resort to such method of Barbarism and oppression.

Israeli government officials are worried and concerned about the chaos in Egypt, in particular the largest opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt which may cease power, this group has strong ties with Iran, Hezbollah organization in Lebanon and Hamas the Palestinian group that rule Gaza.

Today many educated middle and upper middle class Egyptian are standing behind Mubarak; the west based on their embracement of Democracy, now supports the immediate resignation of Mubarak to allow by democratic means a new elected regime to govern Egypt. The alternative to Mubarak will be an extreme socialist Government that will take from those that have achieved financial success and distribute the wealth to the poor.

China for 4000 years also was a country of high birth rate and lack of education, until a Tyrant Chairman Mao ceased power, his method was harsh and severe and was condemned by the west for killing millions of his people, what Chairman Mao achieved was one child policy to slow the growth of China population, his second priority was education, let no child in China be deprived from higher education, on both score he succeeded, today 99% of the Chinese people are literate, the present Chinese population to this day support Chairman Moa and his picture hangs in Tenement square, many Chinese wear a miniature picture of Chairman Mao on their clothing, similar to the American flag which President Obama pins on his coat lapel.

Today China by the harsh reform of Chairman Mao in the past is reaping the benefit. China now has become the largest Industrial country on earth surpassing the US, it turns out more scientist and Engineers than the entire west and is leaping forward as becoming the biggest economy in the world and will replace the US by the year 2025 or sooner. In the field of technology which has sent a shock wave to the Pentagon, it has recently developed the fastest computer on earth, it has also successfully launched a stealth military Aircraft and is developing a rocket with its guided system to seek and destroy an Aircraft carrier from a distance of 2000 miles.

Egypt has produced two outstanding leaders Anwar Sadat long gone and dead And Mubarak, his regime is coming to an end as a result of the revolution. Mubarak is attempting to have other leaders take over that will pursue his policy and maintain a pro-western Government; if he fails Egypt will go through a period of uncertainty driving western Capital out of the country. A new Islamic government will get closer to Iran and will be anti-west and anti-Israel.

The following is what Mubarak said  in an interview Thursday with ABC News' Christiane Amanpour,
Hosni Mubarak said he is fed up with his job as Egyptian president and would step down immediately, but fears it would cause his country to descend further into chaos. Mubarak told Amanpour he felt "strong" and added that he "would never run away. I will die on Egyptian soil." I entirely agree with President Mubarak that if he were to step down immediately, it will create a vacuum for other extreme element to seize power which in the long run will not benefit the Egyptian people, and Egypt will
Become a country perhaps governed by extremist elements it may cease to be a stable country as was under the Mubarak regime.

History will bear me out that the true cause of revolution is brought about by extreme poverty of the majority of the population of a given country, it has occurred in Russia, China, and France.
As to Russia when a house wife had to line up for bread for many days, in Petrograd now St Petersburg that was the sign of an impending revolution

Today the rich in Egypt are frightened and insecure some may stay or escape with their wealth to other countries. To win favor amongst the poor Hezbollah of Lebanon and the Muslim brother hood of Egypt maintain a social program to aid the poor.

The US and Britain and other western countries maintain a social program to help the poor, as to Britain it offers generous benefit to the poor with children, the US offers similar program such as free medical care for children for those family designated as poor also food stamps. A safety net is also provided in the form of UN employment benefit for a period of six months and in some instance longer. The Mubarak regime did not provide such safety net for its poor.

The Obama administration has learned from US past mistakes, where it supported the Shah of Iran during the Iranian revolution, and continued to support the Shah regime after it was ousted, Moreover when Saddam of Iraq waged war on the new Iranian regime, it supported Saddam in the hopes that Saddam may topple the new regime under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam failed, thereafter Iran to this day remains anti west in particular anti US.

Mubarak and all leaders of the world never ignore the plight of the poor. The late John Kennedy said Quote, ‘’The rich shall never be secure if they ignore the poor’’ End of quote.

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