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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

January 31, 2011 Obama's State of the Union


President Obama State of the Union speech lacks formidable substance to address the major issues confronting America.

No specific comments how to address the issue of De Industrialization of America.

No specific issue how spending based on US Tax revenue of 2.2 Trillion dollars as opposed to current annual spending of 3.7 Trillion dollars.

No specific issue as to why the US maintains 80,000 troops in Europe when the cold war ended 10 years ago.

What about the millions of Americans that remain unemployed while corporate profits zooms up wards due to for the most part to outsourcing and relocating American manufacturing operation outside the United States.

So long as politicians are more concerned with party than with people, our government is doomed to stagnate. Politicians should strive to promote good ideas, regardless of their origins. Their primary responsibility is to represent the people, not just the people in their party or the people who voted for them, and certainly not just the people who financed their campaign.

I agree with his comments about Americans ability to innovate and have been the leader in the field of creating new enterprise and products, but that effort in the past created more jobs for Americans, to day that has changed those jobs are now created in low paid workers countries around the world.

Hope comes from leadership and action, something I felt this speech truly missed the mark on. There was no discussion on when projects would begin creating jobs in communities, only more rhetoric. Unemployed workers care about where breakfast for their children is going to come from in the morning, and the president failed to map out the path for his hypothetical journey that will get them there.

President Obama put a lot of emphasis on the innovation of America. While this is essential to the growth of our country and economy, it doesn't really serve as an answer to our economic problems right now. Although the president's speech does offer optimism for America's future, the present unfortunately still looks grim for the average American. Prices of almost everything continue to increase while wages are decreasing and jobs are being eliminated in favor of low paid workers in emerging market countries particularly China and India and many other countries in Asia.

I have been living in the UK for the last 5 years and have recently returned to the US to Plano, Texas, what surprised me is the high prices of food at the super market, MacDonald fast food prices has now come close to prices that is charged in a coffee shop.

American health care has been acknowledged not to be to most cost effective compared to western European countries that provide a truly universal health care for all of its citizen, with less free enterprise motive to be enriched at the expense of the sick, or be enriched by the in efficient Medicare programs where the seniors are required to pay out of his or her social security monthly pension Insurance premium.

Many Doctors refuse to accept seniors since they consider Medicare does not adequately compensate them for their service, some do accept

And cheat the government by charging for tests that was never performed on the patients, or creating more tests on the patient.

Doctors and Hospitals present the senior with additional charges since they claim the amount received from social security by the Doctor or Hospital is not sufficient to meet the Bill. -Joe

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