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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

David Sanger of NYTimes: "...great oppotunity for Japan to rebuild yet again."

Joe:  this woman below Gail, expresses an emotion on her blog about the too rosy & very risky approach I was trying to describe in my previous post. She has expressed it better than I, see her post below. She’s right, it’s making me angry if I’m honest about it, I think there is a real threat of radiation and people in Japan must be scared and worried. See her getting upset below at Sanger's, “great opportunity” comment below. My wife who is Japanese is sensing a change in US reporting, her view is that US reporting is beginning to do the same thing – don’t panic, great opportunity! I know it’s right not to panic but it doesn’t mean we need “needless optimism” either.  –Bob

Monday, March 14, 2011
Tonight I was listening to On Point, a program on NPR.  The topic was the horrific situation in Japan.  The first part, a discussion with Coco Masters on location, her voice trembling with controlled emotion, is worth listening to.

If I hear one more person say that the Japanese can manage just fine, I'm going to start raving.  I've transcribed the part of that broadcast which made me so angry, below - which is followed with worse interviews, a bumbling, rambling, stumbling avoidance from nuclear apologists Jim Walsh of MIT, and Alex Marion, VP of Nuclear Operations for the Nuclear Energy Institute, both of whom poohpooh any dangers to public health.  But, it's really worth paying attention to this:

Here's what I heard from David Sanger of the NYTimes, when asked about the prospects for Japan:

"On the recovery - you know - I've spent years living in Japan and I would say that the resilience of the Japanese people is pretty remarkable.  You see a lot of elderly...what you are struck by is the fact that these are the same people who in their much younger days saw Japan rebuild from the firebombing and Hiroshima & Nagasaki - so at the beginning of their lives and toward the end of their lives...they have seen this process before - and you go through Japanese cities that were firebombed during WWII  - and you wouldn't know it and so in some ways tragic as this is, it's also a great opportunity for Japan to rebuild yet again."
YEAH.  He said that.  It's a great opportunity.

Would he have said that had a similar disaster hit San Francisco or LA or NYC?

Uh, I really doubt it.  But given how corrupted the media and government are, perhaps it's all part of the plan.

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