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Monday, March 28, 2011

Joseph Foster: Tyranny and the Chinese Professor

By Joseph Foster
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Bob:  responding to your post: American Jobs Lost to Tyranny: Who Profits?
Tyranny gains, we have become the joke of the world selling America short, with disregard to its middle class.

We opposed communism by blood and money for decades and today we have resorted to supporting Tyranny.

I just watched a video clip of a Chinese professor of economics giving a lecture in futuristic Beijing 2030 where he tell his students that the collapse of the British Empire was caused by debt and imperialism today America is repeating the same mistake.

He went on to say we,  meaning the Chinese, are now financing America therefore they are working for us,  that comment caused laughter amongst his students.  

See the video at Citizens Against Waste.

Here are some links directly realated to the video;

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