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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Joseph Foster: War #3 & Motivation Oil

By Joseph Foster
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War Number Three! – Motivation Oil! (of course)

The evidence has begun to point out that the war by the west to save Libyans from being slaughtered by Gaddafi is not the true motive.

Here is what is coming to light; Syria Assad regime so far has killed over 70 rebels, that oppose his regime, the demonstration in Syria continues, Assad is now trying to blame outside meddling in Syria internal up rising, he will continue to use brutal force to silence the opposition, when the rebel finds out they cannot openly demonstrate or engage Syrians Army, they will resort to terrorist activity against the State.

The west will never intervene by a no fly zone since Syria has no oil that will disrupt or cause damage to western economy. If the regime of Syria decides to take a strong stand against the rebellion, a civil war may erupt in Syria, and the rebels may resort to terrorist military activity. The Iranian to gain geo political influence will then begin to supply the Syrian rebels’ military aid; also Hezbollah the Lebanese terrorist group may side with the rebels to gain more power.

In the event the rebels topple the Syrian regime with the help of Hezbollah as a pay back, by the new regime in Syria, it will fall in the sphere of Iran. The Bahrain regime is being supported by Saudi Arabia and Saudi forces has been sent to Bahrain to shore up the regime.

Libya is another story; Washington and London share similar views, in that there is no alternative but to supply weapons to the rebel, perhaps the use of NATO helicopter gun ship in the Air to support the rebel fighters.

The $33 billion of Gaddafi assets now sized by the west some of that money will be used to pay for the Arms supplied by the U.S. and UK and perhaps France may participate in the supply, a boost to the U.S. UK and perhaps France Armament Industry, and high profits to the merchants of death. 

The Russians have now learned from past mistakes never offer Arms for free, as they did to Nasser of Egypt or Castro, and others , they are now resorting to the sale of Armament, the perquisite to the buyers is cash upon delivery.

Who is going to secure Libya after Gaddafi goes? Washington just can't seem to get to understand that, vanquishing an enemy on the battlefield is not where the story ends. Gaddafi will not leave and resign even though he may be offered free passage and residency in another country, and a promise that he will not be prosecuted.

Gaddafi has supporters: members of his tribe and people on his payroll. They will be out of work and will not want Gaddafi to leave.

Moreover Gaddafi calculates that if the rebels were handed power thousands of his supporters will be slaughtered by the rebels.

A short ending to Libya civil war is not in sight it will be dragged on for many years.

Another dilemma for Gaddafi let’s assume he decides to leave the people around him will not allow him to do so, since they will feel their life will be threatened after the leader departs the country. When the U.S. decides to leave Vietnam they took with them thousands of Vietnamese that during the war cooperated with U.S. Forces, those unfortunate that were left behind were killed.

Another episode as to Egypt, I believe Mubarak did not resign willingly, his high military officers betrayed him, they told him the Best action was for him to resign, and if he does resign they will protect him, by the latest news he was betrayed and now he has been put on house arrest. After Nasser of Egypt took power by force he gave King Farouk free passage, and was escorted to his private yacht by Nasser for his journey to Italy, he lived in Italy in an affluent style until he died.

Another leader that was overthrown from power was Kwame Nkrumah, first prime minister and then president of the modern Ghanaian; he was overthrown by the military while abroad in February 1966. It was reported by former CIA employee that the CIA had an effective hand in forcing the coup in Ghana, he was succeeded by Jerry Rawlings in 1981 a Ghanaian military officer. He was wise not to return to Ghana since the new regime would have arrested him or have him killed.

Some may say Gaddafi asset held in western countries has been frozen, and will deprive him from money, that is no problem since Gaddafi has in stock in Tripoli large stock pile of Gold.

As to Iraq after the shock and awe, and at the end of thirty days when Bush announced mission accomplished, the little did he know that his mission has eight more years or more to go, also his mission will in the end cost the lives of over 4000 U.S. troops and thousands injured.

The lesson from Iraq has given Obama and Cameron a lesson not to get their troops on the ground, always keep them in the Air flying. For my investment gurus on Wall Street keep an eye on defense stocks, it is going to be a win for the defense Industries. Saudi Arabia has just presented Obama with a shopping list for Arms valued at $100 billion. The Russians are also peddling armament to would be buyers for cash, and when the west refuse to sell a customer Arms the Russians and Chinese are too happy to fulfill their customer’s needs.

Saddam shall be remembered by the merchants of death, for he has spent billions and billions of dollars on armament that was ultimately destroyed by the sellers Army. Today the sellers Army are also destroying the weapons that Gaddafi bought from them. The merchants of death should build Saddam a monument with the following inscription, ‘’ You shall be remembered as one of the major contributor to our bottom line’’ Thank you Saddam it is our hope another leader like yourself shall one day replace you.’’

One day some genius will invent the ultimate bomb that when it is tested its destructive force will react with the atmosphere, and continue until the entire human race is eliminated, leaving the creatures of the oceans alive. Or perhaps some small number of humans may remain and mankind will go back to the Stone Age and begin a new cycle to populate the earth.

Patrick J. Buchanan: Obama War
Pat Buchanan comments about Obama’s legal right to wage a war that has not been approved by congress, his argument is valid, however Pat remember the judges have always interpreted the constitution in favor of all U.S. Presidents; they will do so for Obama.
Pat did you know that there are many Laws written by politicians to protect them, for this reason they escape prosecution from many illegal act.

You will note the UN resolution 1973 is now being given broad interpretation, including the bombing of Gaddafi official residence, its broad interpretation will extent to providing Arms to the rebel, it will be further interpreted to permit NATO helicopter gun ships to protect the rebel, the interpretation will be broad base like that of the constitution.

When the congress was led by false information as to Saddam's WMD, after WMD was not found that authorization should have been made null and void. It is a fundamental principal in Law that a contract entered by false representation shall be declared by judges to be null and void. In the history of the United States only two Presidents faced impeachment charges, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, as to Bill Clinton it involve Sex, I did not know that sex is an Impeachable offense, however both were acquitted at trial.

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