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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Joseph Foster: Why Germany abstained on the Libya vote

By Joseph Foster

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Why Germany abstained on Libya vote.

Bob responding to your comments here are the reason for Germany reluctance to vote for the UN resolution.

We must go back to World War II; they suffered massive destruction of their country like no other country in History. The city of Hamburg which I have visited was reduced to rubble and when I was having a cup of coffee with an elderly German I asked why all around me I see no old buildings but new, he confirmed that while Hitler’s Army was trapped on the Russian front and Hitler’s Air force was diverted to protect the German Army on the Eastern front, it left the sky’s over Germany un-protected and waves and waves of American and British bombers were bombing many cities to rubble, the target was not focused on military installation only , but was also directed on the civilian population.

On my visit to Cologne a major city now over 10 million in population along the the Rhine River, one area of the city was spared by British and American pilots where the Cologne Cathedral known as Kolner Dom was located, the construction of this Cathedral began in 1248 and completed in 1880 it is designated a World Heritage site. Another city that was reduced to rubble was Dresden. Another pain that the entire population for the most part endured was hunger, when that war ended massive food supply was delivered by the U.S. to feed the German people, I recall a picture showing a U.S. open bed truck loaded with potatoes and when the truck stopped on an intersection some Germans will reach out and snatch potatoes and eat the uncooked potatoes.

Another disaster endured by the German people was the occupation of part of their country by Soviet Russia that part of Germany was considered in the iron curtain area of Eastern Europe. When I once drove by car from Berlin on my way to Hamburg I went through East Germany and noticed the difference between West Germany and East Germany the Russian side looks drab hard to find a decent hotel or restaurant.

Although the British also suffered damage Britain was not conquered, most of the destruction by Hitler was on Industrial facilities, rail road stations and dock area, as to London there were several homes destroyed but nothing of the like of Germany. Most of the British housing was destroyed by Hitler V1 and V2 rockets that Hitler developed close to the period when Germany was defeated.

I believe since the American people have for the most part watched wars on TV and never experienced on their home soil massive destruction by war, Americans tend to be less fearful on waging wars. Hitler’s battle code name to invade Russia was Barbarossa, when he attacked Russia he deployed in excess of four and half million troops and diverted most of his air power and Tanks to the Eastern front, in the end the Russian destroyed that force and began rolling towards Germany, when Hitler attacked Russia his Army showed no mercy to the Russian civilian population. As the red Army began to roll towards Germany they also showed no mercy to the German civilians and Army prisoners, many were ill fed and made to works to death.

The tragedy of WWII touched every family in Germany and to this day the new generations are reminded of that war. It was said in the history of war there will be no conflict that will equal the battle of Barbarossa. The code name given by Hitler in his preparation to invade Russia. In my book I have devoted an entire chapter titled ‘’ Russia’s Destruction of Hitler’s Military Might’’.

I remember when during the Presidency of JFK the Cuban missile crisis where many Americans became frightened including yours truly, and were stocking up on food, it was a period that perhaps the apoplectic event of mutual assured destruction could have occurred. When the crisis ended JFK made the following statement; quote, ‘’Man must put an end to wars or wars will put an end to mankind’’

The Japanese also suffered the horror of war and both Germans and Japanese are less militant when it comes to wars. Although I support our no fly over Libya, the future of Libya and Western involvement looks cloudy, and it may drag into a long term conflict of a civil war, the West may have to begin to give massive military aid to the rebels to completely destroy all of those elements that remain loyal to Gadhafi, in time the rebels will gain the upper ground since Gadhafi  because of the sanction will not be able to gain military hardware to keep the fight, also he will be prevented by the West from selling any oil, if any is sold it will be by the rebel government that once established will be recognized by the West. As to Russia and China abstaining I believe their motive is not fear of war, these two countries remain close to each other, and they share no love for Americans, Germans, French or British. They remain suspicious that our prime motive is oil.

I believe the German government and the majority of the German people support our effort in putting an end to the Kaddafi regime. NATO’s mission excludes the seek and destroy of Kaddafi that decision was avoided. Arab public opinion casting a negative sentiment amongst the Arab population towards the NATO mission, the preferable choice was for the rebel in time to capture Kaddafi alive and place him on trial.

The other issue raised by some senators and members of congress, was Obama needs congressional approval to wage war on Libya as required by the U.S. constitution, however events in Libya was moving very fast that by the time the debate in congress is concluded, Gadhafi forces would have defeated the rebels.

Obama was hesitant on the use of force, however the Arab league in approving the no fly over Libya, gave Obama the green light to act fast, time was of the essence as to the Libyan crisis. I predict once the rebel establish a strong foot hold on eastern Libya, the West will recognize the rebel new regime and supply the new regime with arms to continue the fight to reclaim Western Libya which will include the city of Tripoli the largest city of Libya and a Ghadifi strong-hold.

The regime of Yemen is about to collapse, the other regime that is being threatened is that of Syria a true police state. The pentagon and many U.S. columnists are disturbed about China’s military buildup, including George Will an American Newspaper columnist, journalist and author best known for his conservative commentary on politics; he recently wrote an article on China developing a formidable navy and air force. The wall street journal reported George Will is ‘’perhaps the most powerful journalist in America in a league with Walter Lippman (1899-1975)

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