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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Liu Xianbin: Who is the the Chinese Andrei Sakharov?

Joe:  where’s the outrage from the Western world regarding dissident in China? Where is the Andrei Sakharov in China? The famous Russian dissident was featured in the Western press many times as the face of the brutal Russian Communist Regime. China has no dissidents, seemingly. And yet, today in the LA Times there was a small story about Liu Xianbin being sentenced to 10 years prison time for, “…advocating government change in online articles that authorities say libeled the Chinese Communist Party leadership by calling it autocratic.”Can you believe it? Where is the outrage? Keeping a blog, critical of government leads to 10 years in prison!

Last Thursday I heard a former chief of staff to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s PM speaking on Jon & Ken’s Radio show on KFI AM 640. I am almost certain his name is Naftali Bennett anyways he was speaking about the motivation of the rebels in Libya. He seemed to me to be oddly critical of the rebels for wanting democracy for “economic reasons” but not for reasons of liberty. In other words the rebels are being criticized for not seeking democracy for its own sake, I suppose freedom, liberty. Therefore should economic progress wane the Libyan people would move on to another form of government. Jon & Ken let his statement stand, maybe in the interest of time on a fast moving radio program.

Clearly Liu Xianbin is advocating for freedom and liberty but where is the love where is the media in publicizing these injustices in a large way! Human Rights used to be on the agenda related to international trade with the US. By the way what is wrong seeking democracy and freedom over an issue of economics and employment? Everyone is familiar with our Boston Tea Party – an economic issue first and the political justification – taxation without representation. China is vulnerable and weak if they are afraid of criticism from an individual. The sentiment must be ripe for underground rebels to coalesce and challenge the current Communist Party.  -Bob

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