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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Looming Tower & Moving to the Back of the Bus: Libya

And so, according to Obama we are now, the US turning over Command and Control of the Operation in Libya to NATO. I'm thinking back, way back, to my military training in basic supervision and also my college management classes. A basic in supervision is delegation. There are literally many, many, books, and likely tons of paper written on this subject over the years, really - delegation is a basic. The feeling today, now (and maybe it's just me) is the US is not leading - we did our bit (the US), as my friends in England would say - and now, "we're outta here" as my friends from Philly would say. But in business, and my fellow businessman, will know that when you delegate there are some rules. The thing is I'm not clear that Obama sees himself as the "supervisor" or responsible leader for this operation. Remember that movie "Patton" with G.C. Scott, something like America loves a winner... I'm thinking Obama is a clever bureaucrat a modern mandarin. Smart no doubt, maybe confidently clever, but not a leader. Usually, academics are a feisty lot when battling over their pet theories but sometimes you are not deemed worthy to hear those precious theories.

For your consideration (consider it a refresher);

! Delegating a task doesn't mean you are no longer responsible for seeing that it's completed.!

1  Decide whether you want to delegate.
Bob L. - Responsibility for Libya – but of course!
2  Decide to whom you want to delegate responsibility. Does this person have the requisite skills and background knowledge? How quickly will your helper learn?
Bob L. - NATO –skills yes militarily yes , of course! Middle-East responsibility, people in the area – no. China a large consumer of Libyan oil, the largest consumer –not involved… Are we doing China’s bidding?
3  Brief the person on the task: Define exactly what he is responsible for. Explain how the task fits into the larger project. Clarify objectives and decide on deadlines.
Bob L. - Deadline, we don’t need no deadlines…
4  Encourage your delegate to act independently and to make his own decisions by emphasizing the results. Say, "I want to see such-and-such. Don't tell me the details."
Bob L. - If the US decides not to emphasize results…
5  Allow the person to perform the task. Offer help as needed, but don't be too intrusive ' if he has a different way of doing things than you do, be flexible and open-minded about it.
6  Periodically check the standard of work. Provide helpful feedback.
7  Recognize the person who does the job ' give him credit for it. Public recognition for a job well done will encourage effort in the future.
Bob L. - I love France & England – we wish you success in this difficult situation.

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