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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marisol Valles: Deny her US Political Asylum!

Joe:  according to the Voice of America, LA Times, and others, Marisol Valles to 20 year old police chief of a small Mexican town is now seeking political asylum in the United States. I don’t think the US should accept her. I managed a 100 person factory in Tijuana for nearly four years. I have the experience of the having to close the factory down one day because of a massive shootout two blocks away, where 5 kidnapped victims for ransom where shot upon being discovered by the police. There were four or five policemen killed along with the number of kidnappers killed. One Friday the security guard at the Mercado de Todo, a large indoor flea market near Revolution Blvd. Was killed for a couple hundred bucks. Our factory workers who made $20 a day were often stopped on the way to work in the morning by a few bad policemen and were ordered to give the cops money for not having ID (a made up reason for extortion). Mexico is like Columbia and needs US involvement, Hillary tried this approach several months ago as a trial balloon, and as written about in Foreign Affairs (see summary below). Calderon feigned insult but the guy needs help but his Mexican pride won’t allow this. I like Mexico but right now the situation is like having crap on your back porch. A country, our neighbor, is in need of our help and assistance is not receiving it in an adequate way because it reflects our own problems. If we let this one woman in we should let everyone from Mexico in – as a logical argument they are all worthy!

How to Defeat Mexico's Drug Cartels
Mexico is currently suffering from the same sort of drug-related violence that plagued Colombia during the 1980s. Mexico and the United States can learn a great deal from Colombia's example, including that they must build law enforcement capacity and not rely solely on military force.
ROBERT C. BONNER is Senior Principal of the Sentinel HS Group. He was Administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration from 1990 to 1993 and Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection from 2001 to 2005.
For those of you really interested in the violent activity and the Mexican Government’s response the L.A. Times project called Mexico Under Seige is a good place to start. -Bob

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