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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mired in Guantanamo?

Bob: The issue as to the U.S. right to maintain a prison outside the U.S. involves two grounds Legal and Moral. On the legal ground those that have been arrested in the U.S for having committed a crime on U.S. soil are to be tried in the U.S. and if they are to be imprisoned they shall serve their term in U.S. prison on U.S. soil, those extracted from other countries that were involved in the crime should also be sent to the U.S. to face trial.
In a war situation where we are combating an enemy on its soil, prisoners captured by our military may remain in that country as prisoners of war.

You cannot circumvent the U.S. legal system and decide to set up prisons outside U.S soil where the rule of habeas corpus is violated, it was one of the most important Laws of our legal system.

The founding fathers did not trust governments and for this reason they created a government of check and balance, the laws of tyranny came close to being part of the U.S. legal system during a crisis and outrage, remember American citizens of Japanese descent were interred.

Who is to say perhaps in the future as a cost saving measure States and Federal Prison may now be removed from U.S. soil, or perhaps some politicians has decided that our legal system over protects the accused there for we shall move some of our courts outside the U.S. and apply the Laws of the jungle, perhaps Saudi Arabia Laws where stoning of a woman that committed adultery is justified and legal.

Moral issues.
We lecture the world that we hold high moral ground and have respect for the freedom of man; we also tell the world that we practice a fair trial that in effect a criminal cannot be sentenced unless we find him or her guilty beyond a shadow of doubt, we also practice trial by jury.

Yes at some times some of our citizens gets frustrated that we are too lenient in our punishment of a criminal. The present legal system that was inherited from Britain is not perfect nothing better has been found. The same holds true as to Democracy. Where not for the constitution the Laws of tyranny would have been passed by congress, I remember the era of McCarthyism where this senator went on a rampage on a witch hunt to accuse many Americans of being communists.

The 9/11 incident was a criminal act, our outrage and anger caused the U.S. to lash out and got us in two wars that has been going on for over ten years with no end in sight, we inflicted upon ourselves far more damage than that of the terrorist. Having lived the best part of my life in the U.S. and Britain, In Britain traffic police when they stop a motorist shows more courtesy towards the driver than many police officers in the U.S. that is not to say that there are no U.S police officers that are also are very courtiers. To me I find some Los Angeles police officers act sometimes like the German Hitler Gestapo police force. -Joe

Joe: one of the main issues beyond the legal & moral is one of reaction by the liberal media and the liberal populace. Pres. G. Bush was accused of many horrible things over Gitmo, in fact so much so that Obama used the closing of the facility as a campaign promise which he has now reversed himself on. Where is the outrage from the left? Incredible silence.

As for the legal and moral issues - right now there is silence… I don’t think the people care. Most people realize these people are real criminals who represent thinking and actions that are a threat to our way of life. We have no room in our hearts or country for these despicable people. I don’t care if they rot in Kentucky or California or Gitmo. Who cares? Right now there is no outrage sure the terroists are upset but they are more upset of the existence of Israel & Western Democracy, Gitmo staying open doesn’t make them anymore likely to do what they had already planned. Keep the terrorists in Gitmo, they can face US military tribunals and face the music - over there. -Bob

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