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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sad day for Japan & US Plutocracy (not Democracy)

Bob:  a sad day for the world Japan has been dealt by the forces of nature massive destruction of human life and property. I am heartened that the world has come together in helping the people of Japan.

Mankind for thousand of years has lived at the mercy of God, for no one will ever be able to predict earthquakes, nor could we predict if all of a sudden our planet may one day stop rotating,  and cause the oceans to cover all of the land we live on.

It is now becoming clear to mankind that we are not the only inhabitants in the universe and there may be thousands of planets inhabited, and as long as man may never achieve travel at the speed of light we shall never come in contact with other people of the universe.

Below is my response to an article in Al Jazeera it has a worldwide audience and by U.S. latest finding it is no longer considered a radical news agency but attempts to cover news as it happens, some of their reporters like western reporters were also beaten during their coverage of the Libyan and Egyptian up rising.

Joseph Foster, Author, ‘’Destruction of America", subtitled "Stand up for America’’release date July

Stop being fooled by the term Democracy, it now no longer exist in the U.S. It is plutocracy, most of the politicians elected in the congress and the senate in the U.S. are the servants of special interest group.

American government that was once a government of the people by the people now is a government by and for special interest group. If the mega buck boys of America fund your campaign after you get elected, you will have no choice but to serve your master that has got you elected by big money.

In Arab countries that are labeled as a Democracy such as Lebanon the voters are bought by big money, they are duped by propaganda, and the candidate that gets elected is rewarded for his investment in getting elected, once elected he accumulate more wealth.

Now you may ask how did I know, I was there on many occasion and saw the candidate agent round up the voters and as they vote for the Agent candidate he hands each voter $1.00 please do not be fooled by the recent uprising in Egypt and other Arab country, the prime cause was the poor that finally got fed up and wanted a change.

As to change a true democracy will never happen in any Arab country. The Egyptian military leaders that now control the country, when an election begins they will have politicians that favor their interest.

Churchill once said quote, ‘’Democracy is one of the worst system but nothing better has been found’ ’end of quote.

The world must now find a better system that may labeled a true democracy, there are those that start a business and when they succeed they become wealthy, today another road to wealth is getting elected to a political high office.

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