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Monday, March 14, 2011

TEPCO - a shady company?

Joe: here are three excellent articles (links below) on the nuclear situation in Japan written by Tim Shorrock, a self defined “humanitarian journalist”. What I understand about humanists is they are atheists without a hatred of God. I like their approach and thinking on things, maybe my view is simplistic but I understrand them to believe all the bad things that are caused by man are caused by men, not god or demons or devils. Conversely, all the good created by men technology, medicine, goodwill are created by men. Apparently he grew up in Japan & South Korea. These cultures are so opposite it’s amazing, it makes me laugh when I hear people talk about “Asian Americans” as a group. Asia is so diverse in size, religions, governments, infrastructure, etc. Anyhow these are three interesting critical articles on the situation in Japan. He's veryt hard on TEPCO. -Bob

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