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Saturday, March 26, 2011

US: Three Wars -not with NATO!

By Joseph Foster
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The three wars scenario.

Obama attempts to transfer all Libya military effort by NATO to UK, France and others and have U.S. free from any military activity in Libya.

That ploy has failed... other members are saying you -  the U.S. shall be involved until the job is completely accomplished.

For you see Obama wants to tell Americans we are only involved in two wars and not three wars. Now folks we are in three wars, perhaps we may have a fourth one in the near future.

As to the Russians and Chinese their abstention vote means we approve but shall remain neutral for we want NATO to be the world policeman, cost funded mostly by the U.S. tax payers.

The Russians and Chinese want to be free to focus on trade and create jobs for their population and make money. They are refusing to be part of the world police force; we have now sent them a thank you note for not exercising a veto.

As to the UN resolution 1973.
I recall many years ago the CIA by covert operation is allowed to kill tyrants of the likes of Kaddafi before they become too powerful thereby reducing the chance of wars, some liberal element has caused us to outlaw such activity as cruel. The former practice is preferable and less costly, if it was allowed perhaps

We could have got rid of Sadam many years ago before he became so powerful, thereby avoiding us being involved in a war in Iraq.

I recommend we reinstate such law in secrecy, and begin the job as soon as possible thereby preventing NATO from getting into War number four and five.

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