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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will Tea Party win the Coming US Budget Battle?

Joe:  Chuck Schumer, Dem. NY recently advised John Boehner to drop the Tea Party, I beginning to think he wants to. The message seems to be going around and displayed in the media that the new Tea Party freshman and other conservative republicans need to behave like adults. The situation is actually the other way around. Give me the car keys – you are not driving – you have poor grades and your behavior has not been respectful. As an adult how can anyone not see or recognize we have already given the politicians one “time out” with the so called “shellacking” in the last election. But like misbehaving teenagers (thank goodness mine are nothing like congress) they want more money when they haven’t worked, they haven’t saved, and they haven’t produced, anything good. I like most American’s couldn’t stand Bush & Rove’s crony spending but actually the democrat party is even worse. Who represents America right now are only those politicians who support massive budget cuts no matter what party they are in.

Here are three links to the latest on the US budget situation where 54 republicans opposed and the dems helped pass! That old familiar stink of corruption (putrid, rotten) has an unmistakable odor of so called bi-partisanship, in this case a very bad development. Boehner calls it a,  “small down payment” a down payment of what 0.01% that’s not a down payment that’s an insult! –Bob
By DAVID ROGERS | 03/15/11 5:59 PM
A three-week stopgap bill to keep the government operating past Friday easily cleared the House but only after Democrats stepped in to help Republicans cope with scores of defections on their right. The 271-158 vote Tuesday was a major warning sign for Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) who has prided himself on being able to control the flow of legislation but was suddenly vulnerable after losing 54 from his own ranks.

By Chris Moody - The Daily Caller | Published: 3:49 PM 03/15/2011
 54 House Republicans vote against bill; Allen West: That's 'adult leadership'
After the vote, Florida Rep. Allen West — a Tea Party-backed freshman member who voted against the measure — said he couldn’t support the bill in good faith. “People have to be able to sleep with themselves. I know that I can look myself in the mirror and explain my vote very well to my constituents back in South Florida,” West said. “We have got to start making some of the hard choices and decisions. That’s adult leadership.”

That line — “adult leadership” — was reminiscent of a comment made by House Speaker John Boehner, who said at the beginning of the term that he would be having an “adult moment” with new members of Congress about spending and the debt.

The measure passed by a 271-158 vote despite opposition from some tea party-backed conservatives who said it "kicks the can down the road" instead of imposing steep and immediate spending cuts.

"It's a small down payment on our commitment to the American people that we'd have real fiscal responsibility," said House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.

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