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Monday, April 4, 2011

Burn the Koran! and more...

Burn the Koran!

Joe:  more people are being brutally killed, their heads being chopped off – beheaded. How possibly can Islam be considered a religion of peace and tolerance? The killing of innocents, the killing of non-Muslims is an act of retribution, in reality murder! Chopping off heads is not really an easy thing to do, so I’ve read accounts of history. Thus the invention of the guillotine as an act of mercy – hard to imagine, nevertheless an invention that made the death, I suppose a little more humane. Chopping off someone’s head – is not an act of peace or love, certainly not an expression of free speech. I say let’s have a day of DRAW YOUR GOD DAY – the hippies can draw a joint, the alcoholics vodka, the Jews Yahweh (the one who destroyed the world) the Christians (the ones who killed, raped, & enslaved, indigenous people) and let us draw a picture of Allah (the act of him telling his followers to chop off the heads of infidels) and let’s draw as many of the gods we can think of. If a god is defined by his follower’s actions and if the god’s followers do horrific evil and murderous actions is not the god guilty? Certainly not you say! Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, there is justification for murder and rape and slavery and every evil act under the say in his name. What is an evil act? How about let’s start with physical violence, then we can add rape, with some discussion I think we could add slavery. On the seventh day I say we should burn the writings and holy books as a day of atonement for all the evil done in the world in the name of gods – we humans know that other humans have caused and continue to cause great suffering and death but on this day we would call it BURN YOUR GOD DAY and name the crime of the god and the evil done in his name. And on this day I say burn the Bible, burn the Torah, burn the Koran, and why not for good measure burn the writings of the demigods like Mao, Stalin, & Truman (killing massive numbers of Japanese). This would not be a popular day and in fact each god would point at the other and have great discussion and heated debate about who was more guilty and they all share the guilt. If we burn the sacred writings if we put god in his place for a day, it may be possible to discontinue killing one another, although being the realist that I am it’s likely more people would be killed on this day by all the so-called peaceful religions on this earth.  -Bob

Officials say insurgents have used the riots as cover for attacks against Western and government targets and have reaped propaganda benefits by allying themselves with popular fury over the incident led by Florida pastor Terry Jones.

On Sunday, Afghans took to the streets for a third straight day, in Jalalabad and Kandahar, to protest the March 20 burning of a copy of the Koran by followers of Terry Jones, a pastor based in Gainesville, Fla. Officials in Kandahar reported at least two more deaths and dozens of injuries; the Jalalabad protest, though angry and impassioned, was largely peaceful.

The latest fatalities brought the three-day death toll to 22: seven U.N. workers and four demonstrators killed Friday when rioters stormed their compound in Mazar-i-Sharif after mosque preachers inveighed against the Koran burning, and at least nine people killed in daylong rioting Saturday in Kandahar, the spiritual home of the Taliban movement.

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