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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Burn the Koran! But also the Torah & Bible!

Joe:  the so called Rev. – Terry Jones burned the Koran. I find the burning of the Koran abhorrent just as I find the burning of the Torah, Bible, and New Testament. I also find the Westboro Baptist Church’s anti-gay protests at military funerals equally and in many ways more abhorrent BUT I believe with the Supreme Court’s decision that it is “free speech”. What is the solution – it is as the Supreme Court indicates more free speech. In other words the only way to battle free speech is wit more free speech. And by the way of some American Indian group wanted to burn a bible back in early American history in protest over the brutal relocations, in protest over the Christian nation that killed many of its tribal members wouldn’t it be true. What if German Jews burned the Christian bible in protest of a Christian and Nazi Hitler or a look the other way Vichy France. Burning the Koran is not an act worthy of death nut neither is the burning of any religious book or material. This inflexibility just shows the inflexibility of the Islamic extremists. I say burn them all Torah, Koran, Bible, Buddhist, and other religious writings in protest over all religious extremism that is occurring now and over acts that have occurred in the past. See some relevant links below. -Bob

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