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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joseph Foster: Burqas, Yarmulke, Pugree, - Righteous Religious Wear?

By Joseph Foster
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Bob:  responding to your article, religious attire applies to many religions the Christians, the Muslims, the Jewish, and Hindus all have certain attire based on their religion.

The issue was litigated in the UK courts where employees of London transport were required to wear a cap, Hindu men refused to wear the cap and prefer to wear on their head a Hindu head gear, the face of course is not covered.

The UK courts up held the right of the Hindu London transport workers to wear the head gear as prescribed by their religion.

I do not equate any religious clothing as a form of free speech, but up hold the right of a person to wear attire in accordance with that person religious belief.

An example a Jewish man will wear a black round hat over his head.

I do however object to the buraqa.

This type of attire is the most offensive and degrades a woman.

I have travelled extensively in the middle east and after study I find a problem in every religion involving interpretation, just like our constitution it gets interpreted many times over and sometimes reflects the belief of the interpreter, and departs from the language, the true meaning of the constitution.

We have the same problem as to religion that the interpretation of the Koran or the bible gets misinterpreted to suit the philosophy of the religious scholar.

I do not belief any western country including the French object to religious attire, but what offends the French and others is the extreme attire which covers the woman from head to toe including her entire face, such attire was never prescribed by the Muslim woman, it was prescribed by the Muslim man for his wife not to be seen by another man who may desire her sexually, her husband is so insecure as to demand from her to wear such clothing, It is in his power to tell her she may wear normal attire which covers her hair but expose her face.

Many Muslims do not prescribe to such extreme covering of their women. The Muslim religion is the most oppressive religion as to women. Here are some of the harsh rules meted and approved in the Muslim religion and is legal in a Muslim country.

1.   The husband has the only right to divorce his wife; such right is not given to the woman.
2.   He has the right to beat her and the law in a Muslim country allows him to do so with legal impunity.
3.   He has the right to imprison her in his home and forbid her to leave the home for a duration that suits him, it is a form of punishment, also during such imprisonment he may forbid her to see anyone, including her family.

Now the question may be asked if the man and his wife reside in a western country shall he be permitted to beat his wife which is against our Laws, and use his defense as his right based on his religion, or imprison her, also using as his defense that it is allowed in his religion to do so.

During the conversion by many African American from Christianity to Islam some question the behavior of Mohammed that he was allowed to marry a girl as young as nine years old, the response from the person convincing the person to convert was, Mohammed is a human being, and has many virtues, but has a weakness in that he loves women for his pleasure.

In my chapter in my book titled ‘’The Afghan Fiasco’’ here is what I have said to enlightened westerners, our Army fight by the flag, the Afghan fighter fight by heaven, he has been convinced that when he dies fighting a western soldiers he immediately goes to heaven, where for the rest of his life he lives in paradise and he has the pleasure of having thirty wives, a great incentive to die.

Mohammad preached that life on earth is a small price to pay for eternal life in heaven; Islam can rightfully be considered a cult of death, not life, and for this reason It will never run out of volunteers willing to fight westerners.

Saddam's Army was easily defeated the soldiers were fighting for Saddam and the Iraq flag. After the regime was defeated those that took up the fight are not uniformed soldiers, civilians that were recruited during the sermon at the mosque. 

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