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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Derek Fenton and Free Speech Win

Joe:  another case decided in favor for freedom of speech. The American courts don’t always get things right but in this case I’m certain they did. Too bad for NJ taxpayers because they are out $250k! The person who fired Derek Fenton should be fired and if an attorney gave the city or his employer advice they should be sued as well. I maintain as we have debated many times burning the Koran is free speech. If I want to burn my high school text book in protest against a poor education, just fine. If I, as an American Indian wanted to burn the Christian bible in protest over numerous injustices against American Indian to point out the inconsistencies I’m allowed. If I were a Palestinian whose home was burned to the ground and parents were killed why could I not burn the Torah in protest? And as an American citizen what if I wanted to burn the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, in protest against violence (in the name of religion) and draw and burn a picture of the prophet to boot. I maintain the American way of free speech allows this. I don’t know Derek Fenton but I support his freedom of expression. The world needs more free speech not less. –Bob

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