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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glenn Beck: should NPR hire him?

Joe: it is being reported Glenn Beck is leaving Fox. See the previous post.  He wrote the following (excerpted) below. It's clear that the anti-Beck group was in full force and organized apparently on this one issue. This to me is a fair and legitimate way to push someone off the air that you don't like. Personally I found him to be more of a clown - his emotions I'm sure appealed to many but to me it seemed he lacked the gravitas that O'Reilly, Hannity, Matrthews, & Olbermann have. Any how I am only posting these thoughts since I just included Glenn Beck in the previous post. See some links below, apparently he had low ratings, maybe Soros had something to do with it maybe not. To me this is the market at work. -Bob

By Jay Steinfeld | April 5, 2011 
It took all of about 6 days before the vitriolic verbal attacks against me and my company rolled in via Twitter. And they’ve been nasty — I’ve been called everything from a Nazi and a homophobe to a slew of other names that if published here my editor would surely censor. (For the record, I’m Jewish and a supporter of the AIDS Foundation.)


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