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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Joseph Foster: China's Darkness & Obama's GM

By Joseph Foster
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Bob:  my response is in two parts,

China’s darkness and human right violations
Prior to Russia and China adopting a free market economy, the west championed the cause of human right and freedom.

Now these noble causes has taken a back seat, as to China which has remained a communist country, we readily embraced China for it now offers western Industrialist low paid workers at the expense of western national labor.

The bottom line of Western Industrialist which has increased dramatically by embracing China has become more important, and any condemnation of China human right by the west has become hot air rhetoric without substance.

China today is the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt some estimate it is 900 billion, but the most accurate number as reported by other sources is close to 1.1 Trillion dollars.
The three major countries holders of U.S treasury securities are
1.              China 1.1 Trillion dollars
2.              Japan excess of 890 Billion dollars
3.              United Kingdom 295 Billion dollars

The United States has benefited enormously from the dollar serving as the world’s reserve currency.

The question does this debt, cause us to be timid as to China human right violation, to a small extent it does, but the major factor more important to our U.S. politicians is our trade policies, that elevates corporate CEO income and profit of American companies that embrace China?

Our rhetoric on human rights ring hollow to the Chinese, they tell their people as the Russians did how we violated human rights of African American, they show them a movie of Rodney King being beaten by white Los Angeles police officers, they tell them about Gitmo, they further inform them about the high prison population in the U.S.

When I was in Russia and began to debate human rights with highly educated Russians I was bombarded with information as to our violation, that some of these violations were not known to me.

I believe the Chinese media by now has shown the Chinese people that a white politician has sent an e-mail showing Obama face as a monkey, although the politician has apologized it will carry more  weight amongst the Chinese people, since they know that Chinese people in the past were victims of discrimination.

General Motors and Obama loses American’s money
Never in history has any country resorted to bail out Bankrupt companies such as Banks Auto manufacturers and others on borrowed money, and at the tax payers’ expense, as to the U.S. Auto Industry that currently pays its workers $24, 00 per hour and new hires $15, 00 how could these companies compete with Auto manufacturing labor in other countries as low as $3.00 per hour.

The new globization trade policy championed by the U.S. causes the U.S. government to bear the burden of American labor that has been rejected by American Industry, these unemployed are bailed out by unemployment benefit, when sufficient jobs could not be created the government creates employment by the stimulus approach.

When the annual deficit approaches 1.5 trillion dollars deficit voodoo accounting method is used to reduce the deficit, voodoo accounting is labeled as magic accounting system, perhaps created by African magician, here is how it works, the government cuts 70 billion, to make such cuts a time for celebration the politicians multiplies that cut to cover a period of 40 years the saving then becomes 2.8 trillion dollars. Churchill said if you want to learn about the failure of democracy all you need is to engage the average voter in five minutes of debate.

I thought about what Churchill said and decided on my visit to a car dealer in Plano, Texas, to discuss politics with a white American car salesman, age 55 plus,   he tried to convince me that the political party that he voted for, will correct America problem, his knowledge of Politics I would equate to that of a fifteen years old child.

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