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Friday, April 1, 2011

Joseph Foster: Jimmy Carter’s Reckless Naiveté

Joseph Foster: Jimmy Carter’s Reckless Naiveté
By Joseph Foster
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Bob:  in regard to your comments on former President Carter.

President Carter is a very complex person to understand; first of all he is a great humanitarian who believes in the philosophical theory of humanitarianism.

He believes that with a soft approach when used on a person, he may succeed in trying to change the behavior of the person, yes it may work with reasonable balanced person, but will not work when you are dealing with persons of the likes of;

Hitler, Gaddafi,  Saddam, Chairman Mao, Castro, Assad of Syria or Kim Il-Sung leader of North Korea.

Carter like many others believes people are born good and by reaching the soft spot of the heart of a Dictator or Tyrant one may be able to persuade them to change their behavior, that believe is an illusion and ignores the reality of the person labeled as a dictator or Tyrant.

A Tyrant believes he is right all others are wrong he surround himself with yes men for they do not dare disagree with him or they be executed,

Hitler is an example when he defied his military officers advice.

Chamberlain of Britain tried to appease Hitler before the outbreak of WWII it did not work, in the end Hitler promises was never met and he continued his quest for more conquest.

A Tyrant without a blink and compassion for humanity will order millions of his citizens killed with no feel of remorse.

As to his accomplishment in getting Israel, Egypt, and Jordan signed a peace treaty, it was made possible by U.S. tax payer’s mega bucks.

Egypt and Jordan were put on U.S. annual payroll to the tune of billions of dollars.

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