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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joseph Foster: Politics- Economy- Mid-East Revolt & Oil

Politics- Economy- Mid-East Revolt & Oil
By Joseph Foster
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Trump caught my attention when he said in his book a decline in the American middle class will in time pose serious political problem. Trump should avoid the issue of Obama place of birth, the issue will lose him votes by many minority group, also it will mire his political campaign with racial issues, and in the end destroy his chance of being elected.

The founding fathers wrote that in the constitution, for fear at the time  that some British national loyal to the King of England may get elected, To day that factor has no relevance, bear in mind also when the founding fathers wrote the constitution slavery was legal, also discrimination was also legal. After slavery was abolished and made illegal, at that time, discrimination should have also been made illegal; it remained in American culture until 1964, when it was finally outlawed by LBJ. It is my believe that any candidate that is white that will try to unset Obama the first black president elected will be confronted with racial issues, African Americans that has suffered discrimination for over 200 years will never forget the injustice done to them by whites, and perhaps 99% of the African American votes will swing to Obama.

The Hispanics also victims of discrimination will also join the African Americans in casting their vote for Obama. Trump is a good candidate so is Ross Perrot or Lou Dobbs.

I do not see any candidate that will be able to defeat Obama in the 2002

Election. At the end of Obama second term the door will be open for many candidates and one of them may be elected. In my opinion the candidate must have charisma he should before running identify what troubles the majority of Americans;
1# the issue that troubles the majority of Americans is De Industrialization which relates to Jobs.
2# high taxes.
3# insidious Lobbying in Washington which corrupts their government.
Other issues such as deficit financing, national debt, military spending, rings hollow to the majority of voters, they are important but is only closely watched by the highly educated and well informed Americans. Their number is not sufficient to tilt the election in their favor.

Take as an example medical care, it does not touch millions of Americans since those that are currently employed at the Federal, State, or private sector where their employer has provided them with adequate health care are not concerned for the most part as to those that have no medical benefits.

A powerful leader is needed to reverse the decline of America, that leader has thus far not appeared on the political scene. The leader if and when he appears has to set a new course for America and embark on change, he must have almost the power of a dictator, that leader will be given all of the power he needs when the pain of failure is begin to be felt by the masses of Americans. That threshold of pain has not occurred as yet in America. The threshold of pain has finally reached the population of the Middle East, for this reason the revolution has begun.

A historical fact of the past gives us a glimpse as to the future events that may take place in a given country. Some may say America has a strong democracy, and a constitution and a major revolution may never occur in America, they are wrong, Germany one of the most advanced countries in the world with strong established democracy faltered, and one man became the absolute ruler of Germany.

I read recently that one thousand Americans were selected at random and given a test on U.S. government the failure rate was alarming, the majority did not know the name of the present Vice President, moreover the majority could not name the three branches of the U.S. Government, nor did they know what is the supreme law of America. I end with a quote by Winston Churchill, ‘’The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.
Winston Churchill.

Here are my comments forgive them for most of them do not know prior to voting what the candidate stands for, they remember the one line spin espoused by the candidate that line is repeated on TV commercials.

The economic future for America does not look good for the next five years, housing will not fully recover, since American middle class is declining and so is wages. Amid the now globally accepted thesis it is now un disputed fact that America is on a decline.

A time bomb is ticking as to inflation with the current Middle East uprisings and revolution in many countries. Oil will now remain at the $100.00 for a long time, the high price of oil will impact all sectors of the American economy by higher prices of food gasoline, and, other commodities, add to that is the massive deficit which will gradually erode the Value of the dollar. Most of the jobs created are low paying jobs that do not support a strong consumer spending. One factor that is disturbing home equity which has been one of the a major asset of Americans is now in a minus trend.

One encouraging sign as reported the U.S. unemployment rate fell to a new two-year low in March of 8.8% from 8.9% a very encouraging sign, with positive job numbers it appears that the economy has reached a real turning point. The concern by many economist is that the economic recovery in the U.S. is failing to create enough jobs to make up for the 7.5% million lost during the recession, I attribute that job loss was not caused solely by the recession but major part of that job loss was caused by outsourcing and the transfer of many of U.S. manufacturing Jobs to low paid countries such as China, India and other countries.

One big unknown will the U.S. go into double dip recession, the fear that I have that may cause that to occur is inflation. The consumer will be impacted by high gas prices at the pump, increase in utilities and food, he or she may adjust to discretionary spending.

Mid East Revolution and oil.
The biggest fear is the Middle East the source of the world major oil supply, big question remains unanswered will the rebellion in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia back yard, spill over to Saudi Arabia, as to cause oil to shoot up to $200. If that scenario was to come about then all break loose, you will have to kiss any recovery good bye. Bahrain is the buffer zone country between Iran and Saudi Arabia, at the Bahrain Saudi Arabia border lies the biggest Saudi oil

production wells, the inhabitant are mostly Shia, the ruling family are Sunni with strong ties to the Saudi regime, the uprising in Bahrain has the support of Iran, and it has recently expelled the Bahrain Ambassador in Iran, also Iran is upset that the Bahrain regime invited Saudi Army to Bahrain to be used to suppress the rebels.

The west is now in a catch 22 the support of the Bahrain regime will indicate that the west is against democracy. In the event the Bahrain regime is over thrown, it is likely the new regime will align itself with Iran.

Any threat by any uprising in Saudi Arabia will immediately cause western powers to intervene militarily, this time it will not be confined to a no fly Zone only; it will be augmented by western land troops, led by the U.S. The blood bath in Syria, Jordan, Iran, Oman, and Yemen, will be answered by the west with rhetoric of protest,  and the virtues of Democracy will not be espoused by the west as to Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, for now the virtues of oil becomes more important than democracy. As in Egypt, US policy has been to ignore the often legitimate grievances of Bahrainis that do not support a repressive regime.

Patrick J. Buchanan. Obama War.
Pat Buchanan comments about Obama legal right to wage a war that has not been approved by congress, his argument is valid, however Pat remember the judges have always interpreted the constitution in favor of all U.S. Presidents; they will do so for Obama. Pat did you know that there are many Laws written by politicians to protect them, for this reason they escape prosecution from many illegal act.

You will note the UN resolution 1973 is now being given broad interpretation, including the bombing of Gaddafi official residence, its broad interpretation will extent to providing Arms to the rebel, it will be further interpreted to permit NATO helicopter gunships to protect the rebel, the interpretation will be broad base like that of the constitution.

When the congress was led by false information as to Saddam WMD, After WMD was not found that authorization should have been made null and void. It is a fundamental principal in Law that a contract entered by false representation shall be declared by judges to be null and void. In the history of the United States only two Presidents faced impeachment charges, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, as to Bill Clinton it involve sex, I did not know that sex is an Impeachable offense, however both were acquitted at trial.

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