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Monday, April 18, 2011

Joseph Foster: Sarkozy's Role in Libya

By Joseph Foster
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Bob:  responding to your article here is my take on the French.

France before Sarkozy took a back seat in world events and crisis, the reason Charles De Gaulle After world war 11 resented Britain and the U.S. for not giving France the importance at the end of World war 11, why should they for France was defeated by the Hitler and Charles De Gaulle sought refuge in Britain, his contribution was to urge the French to resist the German occupation, which did not play a major role in defeating Hitler; it was the U.S. Russia and Britain that in effect liberated France. The Russian devastated the German Army making it possible for Britain and the U.S. to cross the English Channel.

De Gaulle refused to join NATO until Sarkozy changed all of that; this guy is one of the cleverest leaders that France has elected, and he works for the interest of France, here is what he did to reduce the military burden on France budget, he decided to join NATO thereafter he drastically cut the French military budget, and placed France protection

On NATO that is heavily funded and backed by the U.S. military might, why not, He reckons let the U.S. tax payers carry the heavy burden of defense cost. The old saying why buy the cow when you can get the milk free.

As to Libya Israel urges the U.S. to support all rebellions in the Arab countries that want to topple oppressive regimes, the Jewish lobby is the strongest in the U.S. second to the military Industrial complex, the next Israel Powerful influence is in the U.K. followed by France. Sarkozy knows where big money comes from; it is from the French Jewish population.

Both Sarkozy and Cameron took the lead in urging immediate intervention as to Libya; Obama got cold feet since the U.S. was mired in two useless wars Iraq and Afghanistan, that has cost the U.S. blood and money to the tune of two trillion dollars, one must not equate the two wars with Libya, for in that country there was an uprising by the population, one must remember that a Tyrant of the likes of Hitler, Gadhafi, Saddam, Chairman Mao, Stalin, and Hafez Assad of Syria and others, are able to defeat an uprising, here is how it is done.

Any rebel that is arrested, the secret police traces his entire family most of whom never got involved in the uprising and kills the entire member of his family including women and children. As this process continues a fear spread that any recruit that gets involved with the rebels is placing his entire family on death row. For this reason a tyrant in suppressing an uprising is able to kill millions, many that are not involved in the uprising; it was done by Saddam, Stalin, and Chairman Mao.

Here is an example let’s assume when the U.S. was faced with the insurgents in Iraq were to use a Tyrant approach in both Iraq and Afghanistan both wars would have ended in victory many years ago.  

The west and the U.S. will never resort to use the method of Tyrants. The tyrant in North Korea can never be toppled by the people even though they are going through the severe pain that they currently endure. As a reminder the Hama massacre in February 1982 under the orders of Syria tyrant leader Hafez al-Assad conducted a scorch earth policy against the town of Hama in order to quell a revolt by Sunni Muslim against the regime, it is estimated that the regime killed close to 20,000 people women men and children, large part of the old city was totally destroyed.

During the period that I was married to the daughter of a Russian Colonel and was living in Moscow I got to learn that high ranking Russian military officers were offered a higher standard of living in comparison to the rest of the Russian population, a separate high rise apartment buildings were built and the officers were offered a nice apartment for the officer and his family, some enjoyed the privilege of shopping at specialty shop that was not open to the general public, in these shops they were able to buy western cigarettes, drinks and other specialty Items.

One of the major thing that a Tyrant does he rewards his military officers with a high standard of living.

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