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Monday, April 25, 2011

Judicial Watch on corruption. Birther issue.

Joseph Foster, Author, ‘’Destruction of America", subtitled "Stand up for America’ ’Release date May 2012
Judicial Watch on corruption. Birther issue.

Bob: I do not agree with the accusation made that the named politicians are corrupt, the accusation of someone being corrupt is both libelous and defamatory.
Any person making the accusation has to proof in a court of law such allegation; politicians have disagreement with each other some holds views that are not acceptable by others, but that does not make them corrupt.

Birthier issue.

The issue has now been mired in controversy , speculation, and to some extent a source of entertainment.

Those that do not believe that President Obama was not born in the U.S.
Has to provide by substantial evidence that will meet the most rigid evaluation by a court of Law that will ultimately render a Judgment as to wither he was or was not born in the U.S. thus far the issue has been the subject of debate.
America and the American people will be well served if we focus our attention how to reduce the deficit, not on the back of our senior citizens.
Our focus should be the reduction of world tension and the promotion of World peace.
How does the U.S. meet the change that has occurred as the result of the new economy system which has stripped all forms of protections approach used by the western world and the British during their colonial era of greatness?
How to tackle the disparity between high labor cost of the West and the East.

Joe: in my view the birther thing was explained very well from both sides in the previous post mainly by POLITICO. As for calling politicians corrupt as named by JUDICIAL WATCH, I understand why you are concerned but I don't understand why you are so fearful. As for Trump suing Timothy L. O'Brien who claimed in his book that Trump is worth only $250-$300 million and not the billions Trump claims, the judge dismissed the lawsuit. See the link below to the NY Times also a link to to the book on the left, lastly the Wikipedia entry. -Bob

New York Times
Published: July 15, 2009
A judge in New Jersey dismissed on Wednesday a $5 billion defamation lawsuit filed by Donald J. Trump against an author whose book placed Mr. Trump’s personal wealth far below his public estimates. Superior Court Judge Michele M. Fox in Camden, N.J., found there was insufficient evidence to allow the case to go to trial.

Mr. Trump sued the author, Timothy L. O’Brien, in 2006 after his book “Trump Nation: The Art of Being the Donald” placed Mr. Trump’s wealth at $150 million to $250 million, citing three confidential sources. Mr. Trump argued it was in the billions.

WIKIPEDIA - Donald Trump
Valuation of net worth
In its October 7, 2007 Forbes 400 issue, "Acreage Aces," Forbes valued Trump's wealth at $3.0 billion.[60] His wealth went down and then up in the 2000s recession, but according to Forbes, Trump's wealth was valued at $2.7 Billion in March 2011[2][61] and claimed as much more than that by himself[62] Trump's libel lawsuit against author Timothy O'Brien, for O'Brien's estimating his net worth at less than $250 million, was dismissed in 2009.[63][64] In that lawsuit, it was revealed that in 2005, Deutsche Bank valued Trump's net worth at $788 million, to which he objected.[63][64][65]

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