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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Koran Burning and Immoral Blackmail

Koran Burning and Immoral Blackmail

Imagine being a young boy, you are raped and sodomized. You grow older and have many psychological problems, many fears and well your life is ruined. The traumatic rape has influenced you life in a negative way. Finally after many years of suffering you discover you are not the only one, in fact you discover details that the priest that raped you raped 15 other kids and was transferred by the church in order to hide his activity. He was transferred to your church where you were an altar boy - after many previous incidents! You were raped not only by the priest but by the church as well you feel defeated, enraged, and helpless. You meet with other victims of similar crimes and find that the church betrayed them as well and since you have lost your faith in protest you burn the bible and you burn priests in effigy. How can we as a nation stop this person's "free speech" to protest against a clergy and faith and church that betrayed him and in many ways facilitated the crime? Imagine it being you should we the U.S.A. as a nation allow this person to burn the bible in protest? How can you say no?

I say burn the bible!!!

I say burn the Koran!
What about young lovers being stoned and living through that horrible act, what of female genital mutilation (it’s more involved than circumcision) not happy with Islam – anyone? On a even more serious note imagine being Daniel Pearl's parents or relatives or friends or anyone concerned over his beheading as claimed by KSM. Why can someone not burn the Koran in protest of this violent murderous act in the name of Allah and Islam and Jihad.

Why can we not burn the Koran to protest over the WTC killings?

The “why not” is provided by the appeasers who buy into the notions of, "we just need to understand them" and "their book is the word of god" (like the Torah and Bible aren't according to believers). And of course the ever practical Terry Jones should not burn the Koran because he knows it will result in death, he should be guilty of manslaughter. Think about what is being said here. Yesterday on Dennis Praeger's radio show he use the term "moral blackmail" to describe this thought, I'm afraid this is an oxymoron but he's on the right track a more correct term is "immoral blackmail". In other words it's equivalent to say for example, the Giant fan who was beaten so severely that he was put in a coma. How dare he wear a Giant jersey to Dodger stadium, he deserves to be beaten. The girl (your daughter, relative, friend) raped for wearing something deemed to skimpy or provocative so she deserved her rape... really? This thinking comes down to this - don't Burn the Koran because I'm so crazy - I Kill You! Don't draw a picture well because - I Kill You! How is this not “Immoral Blackmail”. Who is to decide what god says is true?
-David Hinckley
-Son of Sam
-Pat Roberson
-Assorted Catholics
-Local Pastor
-Islamic Sheiks
-David Koresh
- on, ad infinitum
Personally I don't care who or what god speaks to you or inspires you. You have a freedom of religion. You also have the right not to believe either way it makes no difference to me, you may even by a distant believer more of a deist (like Benjamin Franklin) however you cannot blackmail me or the act of freedom of speech.

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