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Monday, April 4, 2011

Religion and War: Do both require faith?

By Joseph Foster
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The World of Religion

I am a Christian, and as Christians we must accept other peoples religion even though we do not agree with the Muslim religion. A person born is not allowed to reach the age of maturity and then asked to select a religion he likes. He adopts the religion of his parents.

The burning of the Koran in the U.S. has now cost the lives of many Americans and others in Afghanistan.

Religion of all faiths have elements that make them not entirely logical, particularly when hard questions are asked for which there is no answer, you are told to believe.

The question quite often on my mind, is one of timing. I’m sure everyone will accept that humanity has been on the planet before any of the three religions, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, were established. Did all of the people of the earth that lived and died before these religions were known to mankind go to heaven or they did they go to hell?

Scientists are beginning to accept that there may be many planets inhabited by human beings, what will happen if we found out that they are other religion, than those that now exist on our planet?

If you were to ask me, “Are we sane to be in Afghanistan?” I would say it is a form of insanity, when the Russians found out about their insanity they left.

It was known as Bush war, its name has now been changed to Obama war. Could someone tell me what is the win factor as to this war?

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