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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Joseph Foster: Shut it down for 30 days!

By Joseph Foster
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Shut Down the Government for 30 days!

How on earth can the American people have any faith in a Government that is broken down?

Neither political party, or the President are functioning to address what troubles America, Washington is mired in a mixed bag of garbage that makes no sense to any sane person.

Washington is now approaching the fringe of insanity.

The government has now an annual deficit of close to $1.5 trillion, and both parties area arguing about a cut in the range of between $31-$45 billion.

It is like saying you as an individual has been living beyond your means at the rate of $1000.00 per month there for you is to cut you deficit spending by $20.00 per month.

Two areas of spending that has a great impact on the budget I shall address each.

Medicare & Medicaid

The U.S. has the highest medical cost in the world, I label those that provide health care as the merchants of health, and these merchants have the best unions in the U.S. the AMA one of the best lobbies in DC.

The majority of American doctors are now millionaires, how could you control medical cost when medical practice in America is a business greed for high profit, how could you control medical cost when some hospital charge the patient $25 for a bucket of ice, or fifty cents aspirin when given to the patient in the hospital cost $15 or more.

The retirees on Medi Care benefits are fleeced from their saving, first they must pay out of their monthly pension benefit they receive from social security Insurance premium which Keep increasing, when they visit a doctor some say we do not want your business, since the government does not pay us enough, others accept the patient and performs many test on the patient, it is called padding the bill to increase the doctors revenue.

Hospitals, after the patient is released they are not satisfied with what Medi care has paid, they then bill the patient for additional charges to make up the government shortfall.

When the Government cuts its Medi care budget, such cuts is then transferred to the seniors to bear the additional cost.

You may ask what the remedy is;
First you abolish all government funded medical care system including Obama Care, and remove the burden of health care’s cost on employers.

Establish outpatient medical offices through the U.S. staffed by salaried Doctors, to avoid those that may abuse the system such as my toe is itching, have each patient pay $5.00 per doctor visit, prescription drugs each patient to pay $5.00 per prescription. Employers perhaps are made to pay $25.00 per month for each employee health care cost.

Hospitals build and operated by the U.S. health care system.

Encourage citizens to contribute towards the system and make their contribution tax deductible.

Allow the medical private enterprise to function for those that can afford private health care, moreover Insurance may be purchased by those that want to supplement their health care by superior health care provided by the private sector.

For those that are currently employed and receiving cadillac medical care paid by their employer, they will oppose any national health system. Since they are not impacted by the cost, however these employees in time one day will be asked by their employer to contribute from their salaries to cover the high health care cost currently paid by their employer, or the employer will like others fire all of his American employees and set up his office in Canada, it is being done right now.

At present the U.S. medical health care cost is estimated to be around $350 billion and analysts are projecting that the budget of health care may rise to $550.00 billion.

One home owner in a State has just received a separate tax supplement to his property tax it is labeled as additional tax to cover medical cost for employees.

Once retired, your health care costs will come at you from two different fronts: insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Even if you're pretty healthy, in today's dollars you could expect to spend somewhere 'Between' $10,000 to $15,000 a year for a married couple to cover these basic expenses.

Retirees health care cost projected for inflation at 3% rate may be expected to pay between $40,000 and $50,000 per year per couple in 20 years.

My recommendation is a sketchy proposal and may be refined and fine-tuned by experts.

Defense spending
The military Industrial complex has one of the strongest lobbyists in Washington and continues to promote more spending which elevates the profits of the merchant of death, when we have no enemies they will invent one. Curtail world police activity.

If the two areas of the U.S. budget as to medical and military spending is not taken seriously, our Taxes will keeping going up forever.

The disaster that may result will destroy the high standard of living by the majority of Americans. When the pain finally reaches the majority of Americans, a revolution will begin it may cause the U.S. to become a communist country.

Refer to history of what happens when a country political system breaks down, it will begin to breed Tyrants, as a reminder one was created in Germany.

For those that do not know his name it is Adolf Hitler, to build his ego the Germans refered to him as the Fuehrer, his Generals to please him refer to him as my Fuehrer is a genius with such kind words of adulation, some of the officers were promoted.

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